15 Stylish Pastel Coats to Wear in Winter

If you are looking for a fresh way to underline your femininity and bright side during Winter season, then I am here to share with you 15 stylish pastel coats that will make you look fabulous. This outerwear piece can be seen everywhere, starting from the runways to the streets as well as at special celebrity events. There are numerous of stunning colors you can choose from, including shades of peach, pink, mint, lilac, etc. Pastel coat is definitely a great way to make cold season be your best friend and stand out in a sea of neutral outerwear pieces. Personally, I associate pastel toppers with spring and summer seasons, that’s why choosing this hue is a perfect way to break the monotony of grays and browns. Scroll down, to see my favorite pastel coats. Don’t forget to tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

That’s a cute aquamarine belted draped coat worn with washed light blue skinnies, light brown ankle-boots and gray leather shoulder bag.

Pastel blue coat looks perfect styled with sky-blue scarf and matching color sweater teamed with black knee-ripped skinnies tucked in black suede ankle-boots:

Blush coat looks retro inspired. Try it on with a gray scarf, dark blue skinnies and suede light gray ankle-boots:

Another pastel pink coat is showcased below. It’s draped over gray knitted cardigan worn with white scarf, knee-ripped blue skinnies and snake-skin print gray pumps:

Light pink tailored coat is worn atop white slouchy high-neck sweater teamed with relaxed-fit white slim trousers and white tote bag:

Mint color coat is worn atop gray-blue Isle print sweater teamed with light-gray skinnies tucked in black leather ankle-boots:

Pastel light blue draped outerwear piece looks refined and easy to style. Try it on atop black sweater in white stripes paired with black skinnies tucked in black suede ankle-boots:

Pastel gray draped coat is worn atop gray-white separates completed with black boots and fringed black leather shoulder bag:

Tailored pastel pink coat looks awesome styled with a light gray scarf and white skinnies completed with white pumps:

How about pairing blush coat with mint color sweater? This combo looks fresh and extremely ladylike:

We see pastel white-blush tailored coat worn with a charcoal knitted scarf and ripped slim jeans completed with white trainers:

Draped pastel pink coat looks fabulous. Try it on atop white sweater fully printed in black polka dots:

Blush short coat is worn atop white turtleneck sweater teamed with blue skinny jeans tucked in pointed-toe ankle-boots in black leather:

Cream pastel coat looks fantastic! Try it on with pom-pom black knitted beanie, tartan scarf and black skinnies tucked in black leather ankle-boots:

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