Accessories Trends For Spring

It’s spring season and I’ve got an awesome compilation of cool women’s accessories to wear in your everyday lives and special occasions. You are about to see amazing headwear creations, cool shades, pastel clutches, fringed suede shoulder bags, floppy hats, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. If you think your clothes look dull and somewhat unfinished, then you should take a trip through these marvelous ideas that will easily liven up your outfit. Believe me, these items are made to freshen up any style, starting from hippies to grunge and rock chics. I must admit, accessories do set the tone of woman’s overall look. Of course, you better keep things look refined and elegant, otherwise you can simply spoil your entire ensemble. You are about to see sophisticated jewelry, sports must-haves, like headphones and sporty bags, as well as cool boho-chic essentials and other functional pieces. All in all, I think we should take a close up look through these ideas and choose your favorites. Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

We see a sophisticated headdress styled with white lace ensemble. I am so in love with that rose flower inspired creation colored in white and black hues. You can try it on at special parties, as well as to weddings.

In love with sports and running? If so, then you better go for qualitative headphones. All you need is to find the ones that will match your clothes. Here we see dark pink headphones that match pink sporty bra top and mini black running shorts:

If you are pastel colors lover, then I advice you to buy pastel color accessories. Go for light turquoise clutch, blush sunglasses frames and pale green sandals. I am pretty sure you gonna love to wear them everywhere. Just look at the way these accessories match the overall outfit:

If you are boho addicted lady, then you better have all those hippie inspired items with you. For instance, you can try on this suede brown shoulder bag completed with fringes. We see this purse worn with draped green-brown jacket, white blouse tucked in denim cut-offs and completed with embroidered ankle-boots:

Speaking of hippies and all those 1970’s stuff, then you better give a try to wide brim hats. For instance, I recommend to buy a floppy hat. As you can see, it looks awesome with loose-fit jackets and casual denim flared pants:

If you are cowboy inspired lady, then you should buy a cowboy hat and complete your outfit with layered necklaces and chunky bracelets:

I have already mentioned sports, right? Here we see two city chics who appear on the streets of big city wearing sporty bras, leggings, athletic bombers, cool bright sneaks and shiny sports bag:

Another great 1970’s inspired look is here. Love the tribal prints of this scarf and statement necklace. There is a kind of powerful touch in this outfit:

Say hello to boho touches. We see black gown completed with tribal print suede bag, headwrap, cool rounded shades and metallic bracelets:

Another great bohemian outfit is showcased below. In love with wide-brim hat and layered bracelets:

If it’s a rainy day, then you better have an umbrella with you, am I right? Yes, I am! We see a transparent umbrella, tortoise oversized sunnies, pale pink wrap scarf worn with black and white striped dress. In love with golden arm party:

If you do like chunky accessories and jewelry, then you should give a try to floral chunky neckpiece and big sunglasses:

Yes, I know, I have already mentioned pastel hue, but you should give a try to this pale pink handbag. It’s a pure feminine piece:

Another boho inspired look is showcased below. We see arm party, brimmed retro hat, tribal print top, short denim jacket and burnt orange skirt. This is a perfect outfit for everyday walks:

This floral headpiece is ideal choice for weddings. I love the way it’s styled with lace frock in white color:

There is a kind of retro 1920’s touch in this white feathered head creation:

An ideal head floral accessory for weddings and special occasions:

Another floral creation for white gowns:

If you do like edgy looks, then I recommend to give a try to this spiked necklace and golden arm parties:

Floral brightness is seen in this pretty stoned hair brooch:

Layered necklaces completed with stones look boho inspired to me. I am so in love with these layered gem stone accessories:

Madonna looks great with all these rubber bracelets and layered necklaces:

Another look to rubber style bracelets. A kind of grunge touch in felt in this look:

Here we see layered gold and silvery bracelets, as well as gorgeous rings. Do you like mixing metals? Ido:

How about popping up your collar? Here we see golden watches and spiked bracelet. The result looks edgy and sophisticated:

If you are on your way to cocktail party, then you might like to try on lace floral pastel pink shift dress and complete it with tortoise sunnies, golden watches and spiked bracelet:

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