Addicted To 1990’s Trends: Slip Dresses Over T-shirts

If you are addicted to 1990’s fashion, then you might know all about wearing slip dresses over T-shirts. I always loved to combine basics with my favorite garments. In today’s post we are about to see minimalistic and somewhat basic T-shirts in black, pastels and white colors styled with 1990’s style slip dresses. What I love the most about slip dresses is that they’ve got a very special look that is both glam, sexy, grunge and punk style inspired. If you think your slipdress looks too much sexier, then why don’t you try it on atop your favorite T-shirt. This layered effect will easily make you look fancier and brighter. Hope this compilation of cool combos will inspire you to recreate the same look next week.

This look is hot damn pretty! Why do we like it? I guess it’s all because of its functionality, allowing us to wear it from the streets to posh parties. Believe it or not, but there is no style secret in such combo. No matter what kind of slip-dress you are going to wear, but your T-shirt has to be solid colored, not too tight and too much loose-fitted. White and grey color tees look too much casual, that’s why I recommend to experiment with colored and striped T-shirts. By the way, you can cover this slipdress with lush layers and cardigans. If you want to wear such combo to special parties and evening events, then why don’t you try on simple black midi slip dress and pair it with a white tee. Okay, I think it’s time to have a look through my favorite looks that feature slipdresses worn atop basic T-shirts. Scroll down to find out more.

Keep it relaxed and fancy. Go for a black spaghetti strap black dress and style it atop white T-shirt. Complete this outfit by adding lace-up slip-ons:

Another pretty outfit is here. We see white T-shirt worn underneath ruched cream-red dress:

That’s another pretty look that consists of a white tee worn underneath slip dress in navy color:

Girl on a bicycle is wearing striped tee under black slip-dress:

Keep it glamour and fancy! Go for emerald green monochrome outfit:

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