Bucket Bags How To Wear Them Right Now

Today’s article is dedicated to bucket bags outfit ideas you can copy this year. I am a big fan of these bags, as they are both functional and incredibly stylish. Why do we like it so much? I think it is all because of its barrel shaped look that features a top drawstring closure, as well as a shoulder strap for an extra functionality. This is an ideal choice for your street walks and trips. Most of these bags are pretty spacious and you can carry as many things as you need. Take a moment to see best ways how to wear drawstring bucket bag in real life.

I know women who think this bag is too much bohemian inspired, but I have images where this accessory can look very feminine, elegant and stylish. Trust me, this bag can keep you looking put together and keep a bit edge in your style. Just make sure to look for styles that can suit your personality. Buy the one that can go with your simple tee and jeans, as well as with a dress or a pantsuit for work. The color of this bag can match the color of your top, but you are free to create mismatched outfits, just make sure to underline your individuality.

Some of you might think this bag is too much boring, but you can easily spice them up with current fashion trends, no matter if you add mirrored sunglasses, amazing knitwear, sporty chic sneakers or other cool items to update your gorgeous look. I know a brand who offer edgy drawstring bucket bags completed with studs and spikes. They look pretty chic with black outfits, especially with leather jackets and skinny jeans.

Trust me, this accessory will add more drama to your outfit.But those of you who want to look feminine and sweet, then I definitely recommend trying on bucket bag in a nude shade or the one made of suede. Be sure to wear it with a sweet dress, lightweight blouse or jumpsuit made of soft fabric. This is a perfect accessory to create bohemian and cowgirl inspired outfits. You are free to choose leather or suede bucket bag in neutral color embellished with tassels or fringes and team it with your one and only peasant dress. There is a certain chicness and retro touch in every single bucket bag showcased in this collection. Today’s fashion brands offer bucket bags in a more structured style, the size doesn’t matter that much, as you are free to choose a small one or keep things spacious for a great office day. So, what style is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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