Business Attire: Women’s Jeans For Office Work

Let’s talk about business casual attire. In today’s article I want to draw your attention to my favorite office looks completed with jeans. There are still big corporations and banks who forbid us to wear jeans during working hours, but I know lots of companies who allow us to wear denim bottoms at work. Believe me, there are so many jeans that look both professional and business friendly. In this street style compilation you are about to find everything you need for perfect working hours. I am sure you gonna find an exceptional selection of easy to wear jeans designs that are both comfy and easy to style. All these stunning outfit ideas are not only functional, but also versatile and fashionable.

I am so in love with this look. We see lady in a black tailored blazer styled with black-white striped blouse tucked in bootcut indigo jeans.

We see Alexa Chung in a dark blue pea-coat worn atop cream-beige sweater tucked in white slim jeans styled with Mary Janes in black color:

Pinstripe shirt is half-tucked in white mid-rise jeans completed with black stiletto heeled sandals:

Keep it fancy and fun. All you need is a yellow structured blazer, wrap black scarf, black top and skinny jeans styled with cute black pumps and slouchy black leather bag:

That’s a nice outfit for working hours. We see a striped white blazer worn atop white semi-sheer shirt tucked in mid-rise dark blue skinny jeans completed with bright blue pumps:

Sleeveless white blouse is tucked in black skinnies. Complete this outfit by adding pearl necklace, feminine bangles and structured cream-beige leather handbag:

Crispy white shirt is paired with blue jeans and chain shoulder bag:

That’s what I call dressy dark colored look. We see a sleeveless black blouse tucked in high-rise dark blue skinny jeans. Complete this outfit by adding leopard print loafers and structured black leather bag:

Emma Watson is clad in black blouse paired with skinny dark blue jeans:

Draped cream-white coat is worn atop cream-grey sweater teamed with white skinny jeans completed with cream-white pointed-toe pumps:

White-blush colored blouse is tucked in white jeans. Complete this outfit by adding blush handbag and stiletto pumps:

How about playing with colors? Go for a dark blue blazer and pair it with red cuffed jeans:

Cream-beige blazer looks great styled with white top tucked in flared short jeans:

Peplum cream-white top is styled with black skinnies and leopard print flats:

Taylor Swift is clad in navy blazer worn atop chambray light shirt tucked in cream-brown skinnies:

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