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How To Wear Gladiator Sandals (Outfit Ideas)

I know many ladies who hate wearing gladiator sandals. Why? Cause they don’t know how to wear them! Sure, this footwear is not the easiest thing to wear, but everything is possible. I am going to show you how to wear gladiator sandals and what are the best outfits you can create with this ancient, historic sandals which once were worn by the Roman gladiators. This footwear is known for signature straps. Personally, I like the way these straps cradle wearer’s foot. Gladiator sandals come in various lengths: ankle, mid and till the knee. Speaking of heels, then they can be flat, mid or high.

We see high, structured golden flat gladiator sandals styled with a red maxi gown in a semi-sheer fabric. This outfit will definitely make you look like a real Goddess.

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Fedora Hat Looks And Outfit Ideas

In search for a timeless hat that will underline your individuality and make you look refined and chic? If so, then I am here to show you best fedora hats and outfit ideas. This pretty headwear can be worn in different ways. All you need is to choose the right size, texture and color. Speaking of fedoras size, then you should either measure your head or try different sizes before purchasing, make sure it doesn’t leave red mark around your forehead or fall down around your ears. My personal suggestion is to choose neutral colored design, like black, grey, camel or dark purple, emerald and brown. If you want your fedora to be the focal point of your outfit, then you better choose the one in bright color. Personally, I love this hat for its versatility, as you can either dress it up with a glamour and sexy dress, or keep it casual with ripped denim, leather jacket and flannel shirts. Anyway, let’s discover awesome ways how to wear fedora hats and look gorgeous.

We see a black fedora worn with a striped long-sleeve top tucked in straight cut jeans.

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What To Wear With Wide-Brim Hats

I think everyone adores wide brim hats! This beautiful headwear can be paired with boho outfits, minimalist pantsuits, Tomboy, normcore and 1970’s inspired looks. In other words saying, this statement hat is an easiest way to shake up any outfit. Believe me, you can add an extra intrigue to your outfit by wearing one of these creations on your head. In today’s blog post I am going to share with you so many great ideas on what to wear with a wide-brim hat. You might think it’s a joke, but the wider is your hat, the better. In this collection I gathered floppy felt styles, as well as more structured hats.

We see a wide-brim semi-sheer black hat embroidered with feather looks gorgeous. Try it on evening gowns and formal separates.

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Women’s Formal Outfits With Shorts

Thanks to modern designer brands there are myriad of awesome shorts in all kinds of styles, designs and colors. Today’s article is all about women’s formal outfit ideas featuring shorts. There are still lots of disputes regarding the use of these bottoms at work and all kinds of formal events. Of course, all depends on the dress code of your company or an event you are heading to. In this compilation I tried to gather shorts in appropriate length, structure, high-waisted silhouettes, special detailing, etc. I am pretty sure, this street style collection will prove that tailored shorts are extremely versatile and can also be worn at various occasions. This simple garment will promise you great comfort and dressier look. Anyway, let’s take a peek at various outfits to inspire you.

That’s a stunning marsala outfit. We see a sleeveless silken top paired with matching color shorts. Complete this look by adding an elegant necklace and cuffed bright blue leather sandals.

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The Best Shoes of Summer And How To Wear Them

It’s time to explore the upcoming SUMMER! Every outfit during hot season days starts from the feet up. Summer requires functional and oh-so-chic shoes. In today’s compilation I want to show you best footwear to wear on the city streets, for dancing and all kinds of other activities. Luckily for you I discovered runways and plenty of bloggers sites to share with you some of the best shoes, including high platform heeled sandals, high platform wedge sandals, fringed heeled sandals, embellished flat pumps, kitten heel open-back pointed-toe pumps, platform chunky sandals, strappy thong sandals, caged knee-length gladiators, block heeled sandals, espadrille sandals, etc. Of course, this list goes on and on.

We see lady who poses in off-shoulder black tunic dress completed with high-heeled platform brown leather sandals.

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How To Style Leather Shorts

Keep it cool, edgy and sexy! I am talking about leather shorts and how to style them this year. In this compilation are gathered all my favorite street style looks featuring shorts in various lengths, shapes and embroideries. Why do we love leather so much? This is an ultimately transitional fabric that will keep you warm and make you look sex, racy and sleek. Plus, you can wear them all year long, just adding tights for an additional warm. Personally, I like these bottoms for a special ‘bad girl’ vibe. If you haven’t yet decided which design of shorts to buy, then I recommend to take a look through these street style images. Here are my favorite ideas on how to make leather shorts work for you. Scroll down to see an awesome outfit inspiration.

We see Beyonce in a colorful outfit that features a peach long-sleeve tight top tucked in high-waisted fuchsia leather shorts. This look is completed with fuchsia pointed-toe pumps and turquoise suede duffel bag.

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How To Style Destroyed And Ripped Denim Shorts

Keep it ripped! Today’s blog post is all about best ways how to style destroyed and distressed denim shorts. It’s no secret we all in love with ripped jeans, but this time we are about to see sexy outfits completed with torn jean shorts. This season we see an incarnation of this trend. Thanks to modern designer brands we see updated styles that look seductive, edgy and glamour. Of course, I gathered only Summer outfit ideas appropriate for casual street walks on the town, Coachella, meetings with friends, and all kinds of beach parties. You are free to pair it with whatever you like, but I’ve got the best ideas for you to try this hot season. Read on to find out more.

Keep it chic and elegant with an abstract printed navy biker jacket, simple white top and ripped denim shorts completed with espadrille slip-ons and bright blue leather handbag.

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Casual Outfit Ideas With Shorts

Hey, divas! Are you ready for some great news? I guess you are! Today’s topic is casual outfit ideas you can create with shorts. If you are ready to show off your beautiful long legs, then you better take a close-up look at these beautiful combos. In this street style compilation are seen cotton shorts, denim cut-offs, silken versions, cool shortalls, etc. Here are new and trendy outfits you can recreate next week. All you need is to carefully look through these looks and choose your favorites. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Black and white striped T-shirt is tucked in orange chinos shorts completed with turquoise peep-toe pumps. In love with this yellow-orange necklace.

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What To Wear With Red Shoes

I think every woman wants a pair of red shoes in her wardrobe. Why? This footwear will easily make her stand out from the crowd. If you want to express your personal sense of style without pulling too hard, then you better give these shoes a try. Personally, I love red footwear for its ability to make any simple, drabby and boring outfit look bright, glamour and delicious. This hot addition will spice up almost any ensemble, all you need is to know how to wear them the right way. Indeed, there is something daring and special about bright color shoes.

That’s a gorgeous outfit for everyday walks. We see fuchsia sweater tucked in red full A-line midi skirt completed with cuffed red pumps.

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How To Wear Black Shorts

Sometimes to create a perfect look all you need is to add one versatile piece. In today’s post we are going to talk about black shorts and how to wear them to Sunday brunches, work, date nights, parties and lazy weekends. You can dress them up or down, style them with tank tops, lightweight sweats, chunky sweaters, blouses or shirts. In this street style compilation I gathered pretty chinos shorts, leather styles, drawstring shorts, silken lingerie-inspired, layered, as well as denim bottoms. There are great ways how to make black shorts look awesome on you. If you are looking for a styling inspiration, then you better check out these outfit ideas that will make your black shorts look perfect.

We see a lovely young lady clad in a sleeveless cream-white blouse tucked in black chinos shorts. This outfit is completed thanks to cream-beige leather bag and white flat pumps.

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