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How To Wear A Tote Bag

If you dream of a cool, comfortable bag to wear this year, then I’ve got a marvelous street style compilation to share with you. In today’s post I gathered stunning looks that feature tote bags. When I hear tote bag I automatically think of comfort. This is an ideal accessory to carry all your essentials in one place. In the literal sense of the word, you can carry almost everything in tote bag, starting from cellphones, wallets, documents to laptops. Here are shown all my favorite must-haves, starting from basic black leather designs that are office appropriate to quirky, embellished, beach carryalls and canvas totes. There are so many styles and designs to choose from, all you need is to know where to carry this functional accessory. Scroll down your mouse to see best outfit ideas on how to wear tote bag in real life.

We see lady who appears on the streets wearing a nude tote bag styled with a windowpane peplum top, black skinnies and peep-toe block-heeled mules.

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12 Tips To Wear Sleeveless Tops

Summer is here and I guess it’s time to talk about seasonal garments. In today’s post I want to draw your attention to functional 12 tips on how to wear sleeveless tops during hot weather days. If you want to look cool and feel comfort, then you need something functional and easy to style. A sleeveless top is an ideal alternative that will underline your individuality and make you stand out from the crowd. Thanks to modern designer brands we can buy plenty of sleeveless creations, including turtlenecks, crop tops, office style tank tops, boho chic tunics, ruffled blouses and crop tops. I am pretty sure, you won’t feel yourself limited by wearing these pretty tops in your everyday life during Summer months. Every single outfit will express your unique style and make you look flawlessly chic and ladylike. Read on to see best sleeveless styles to fill out your summer wardrobe.

A basic neutral colored high-neck sleeveless top is tucked in high-waisted deep blue wide trousers completed with navy patent flat pumps. Complete this outfit by adding stylish black aviator sunglasses.

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How To Wear Turtleneck Sweaters

I’ve got another great inspirational post for you tonight. This time I want to share with you best tips and ideas on how to wear turtleneck sweaters this cold season. You gonna see functional advices and tricks on how to make turtleneck sweaters work stylishly for most occasions. This top is a perfect piece to be worn from work to parties. I decided to gather all my favorite street style images of ladies who appear in beautiful turtlenecks completed with all kinds of bottoms, starting from skirts to jeans and trousers. Most of ladies associate this staple with wintertime classics, but I think you can still rock turtlenecks during chilly summertime. All you need is to buy the right fit to look ladylike, trendy and refined. Anyway, read on to see my favorite turtlenecks to rock this year. Hope you like these street style ideas as much as I do.

That’s a pretty burgundy knitted sleeveless turtleneck styled with beige culottes and burgundy pumps. Complete this look by adding deep brown belt.

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Women’s Black Turtlenecks Outfit Ideas

This time I am going to show you best ways on how to make black turtleneck look cool on you. Yes, we are here to talk about best women’s black turtleneck outfit ideas to try on this year. If you think black color looks boring, then you are not right, darling. Yes, it looks plain, but you can still create fabulous outfits, all you need is to use just a bit of your imagination. Everyone can transform this garment and create something original, modern and ultra-chic. Personally, I feel a kind of vintage touch in this piece of clothing. Black turtleneck is an ideal choice for layering. You can easily modernize your look by adding all kinds of jackets, vests, skirts, trousers, scarves, belts and even jewelry. In this compilation are gathered my favorite fashion advices and tips that will underline your uniqueness.

Alexa Chung appears in a public wearing black turtleneck styled with a mini black skirt and black leather backpack.

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Travel Outfit Ideas For Women

P.S. You are gorgeous! In today’s article I want to draw your attention to my favorite travel outfit ideas for women. You gonna be wowed to see all these simple and original looks to wear from cold Summer months to warm fall season. We see beautiful ladies who appear on the streets wearing comfortable traveling separates and dresses. Every style showcased in this compilation will keep you warm and make you feel free. Lucky for you, I gathered my favorite travel clothing combos to try on this year. What to wear to feel confident and look trendy? If you really want to know, then you better scroll down to see all my favorite tips and tricks for always looking amazing and staying comfortable.

That’s a comfy airplane travel outfit that consists of a burgundy draped lightweight cardigan, dark grey T-shirt, black leggings and lace-up white trainers.

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How To Wear Vests To Work

Spotted on the runways and streets, the vest is a must-have piece at work. Today’s article is about best ways on how to wear vests to work. Why do we love this garment so much? It’s versatile, fashionable and easy to style. My personal favorites are tuxedo inspired long vests, but you can think of relaxed-fit alternatives that are still great for corporate work environments. I think long sleeveless jackets are extremely interesting garments you can wear from mornings to late evenings.

Here we see lady who poses in a pinstripe light-grey long tailored vest that is worn atop white top teamed with a pleated knee-length skirt and chic lace-up loafers with see-through plastic block heels.

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10 Ways To Wear Printed Pumps

If you want to underline your uniqueness and originality, then I’ve got something fresh and cool to try out this year. Yes, I am talking about printed pumps. In this compilation we gonna see 10 ways how to wear printed pumps and look flawlessly chic and individual. It’s time to show-off your personality and style. This is one of the hottest footwear trends to follow right now. I see various pumps that come in a huge array of hues, heights and patterns. You are free to wear these shoes with everything you want, starting from pencil skirts to skinny jeans and LBDs. If you don’t own a pair of patterned pumps, then you better take a close-up look through these street style images and get inspired. I love the way how ladies can make printed pumps look chic and eye-catching. Let your shoes be the main focal point of your outfit.

Here we see Miranda Kerr who appears at the airport wearing a lovely printed sleeveless shirt-dress completed with bright rich blue bag and sexy lace-up heeled pumps in animal print.

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10 Ways To Wear White Denim Shorts

Hello my dear gals! It’s been a while. In today’s article we are going to see 10 ways on how to wear white denim shorts. No matter if you like laidback, or smart-casual style, you can still rock these pretty jean fabric bottoms. In this compilation I gathered my favorite street style looks that feature fresh ways how to wear white denim shorts. You gonna see various bloggers and style influencers who demonstrate fresh ways how to style white bottoms in real life. No matter, if you like denim or any other fabric, you can recreate these stunning street style ideas with all your favorite shorts. Of course, everything depends on the way how you gonna style these pretty white bottoms. Read on to check out various style tips on how to wear white jean shorts. Hope I will inspire you to recreate these ideas next week.

Here we see a lovely lady who poses in a cute white off-shoulder peasant crop-top in white is teamed with high-rise white denim shorts and shoulder bag in brown suede embellished with fringes.

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10 Ways To Wear Flat Slide Sandals

In today’s article I want to introduce my favorite 10 ways how to wear flat sandals this year. In this compilation are gathered classic Birks, flat slide sandals, platform flats and other uber normcore and extremely comfortable shoes to wear from mornings to late evenings. Yes, each one of these flats is comfortable.

We see pretty girl wearing sporty Nike black slides with black socks, athletic style black shorts and grey hoodie completed with spacious black bag and cool transparent umbrella.

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A-line Skirt Outfit Ideas

I’ve found one perfect skirt style for you! In today’s post I am going to share with you A-line skirt outfit ideas to wear from Mondays to Sundays. This is the most universally flattering style you have ever tried in your life. Yes, this bottom piece looks good on every woman, regardless of her age, shape, height and size. In this compilation I gathered my favorite street style ideas on how to make A-line skirts underline your personality and uniqueness. This style comes in short, knee and midi lengths, meaning if you are a petite girl, then you better opt for a shorter hemline, if you are taller, go for a midi length. You dig it?

A camouflage jacket looks amazing worn atop white shirt tucked in a pleated A-line short black skirt completed with pointed-toe black pumps and shoulder brown leather bag.

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