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Women’s Draped Coats And How To Wear Them

Let’s talk about draped outerwear. In today’s blog post I am going to share with you women’s draped coats and how to wear them in real life. It’s no wonder why everyone’s wearing them this year. It’s an extremely popular outerwear piece. Why? It gives its wearer an effortless style that makes her look relaxed and trendy. No matter what it is paired with, you will always look 100% chic and individual. You are free to wear it with ripped jeans, tight tops, edgy booties or sexy thigh-highs, with simple basics, fitted dresses, skirts, casual striped tops, etc. In other words saying, no matter what you are going to wear under draped coat, you will always look updated. There are so many awesome and easy ways to make draped coat look stunning on you. Scroll down to find out more.

A classy cream-beige draped coat is worn atop white V-neck top teamed with dark blue skinnies and nude pointed-toe pumps.

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Women’s Fall Coats And How To Wear Them

I guess you all are ready for Autumn season, right? If not, then you better take a close-up look at these stunning Women’s fall coats. I gathered amazing designs you can wear with pretty much anything. This collection is full of oh-so-chic coats, including tailored heavy styles, draped, double-breasted, tweed, retro inspired, duffel, etc. Trust me, each one of these toppers is comfortable, fashionable, practical and stylish.

Here we see a cream-beige tailored wool coat that can be worn to work. Try it on with white top and black trousers.

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How To Pair Coats With Dresses

I decided to talk about cold weather essentials. In this blog post I am going to show you how to pair coats with dresses. This combo might be surprising for you, but I think the result can be amazing. I’ve rounded up dozens of cool street style images of ladies who appeared in elegant or casual coats worn atop stylish dresses. The great news are, no matter what is your preferred dress silhouette is this season- relaxed or tight, short or long, as long as you are wearing a cozy coat, you can choose whatever dress you want. All in all, scroll through for inspiration and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

A ribbed knit gray-brown midi dress is worn under yellow-beige color coat.

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How To Wear A Plaid Scarf With A Coat

This post is made for those ladies who have already bought or going to buy plaid scarf and coat. In today’s blog post I want you to take a close-up look at my favorite ways how to wear a plaid scarf with a coat. Frankly speaking, this is one of the best combos you can use in your everyday life. Of course, there are other great ways how to style checkered scarf by wearing it atop jackets, leather toppers, sweaters, etc., but I think coat is a great outerwear piece that can easily make ladies look elegant and feminine. Trust me, there are plenty of easy ways to make this pretty addition compliment your outfit perfectly. Anyway, I’ll show you my favorite ways how to wear checkered scarves with coats this season. Scroll down to find out more.

Here we see a multicolored checkered scarf styled with a camel tailored coat and knee-ripped black skinnies.

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How To Pair Knitted Sweaters With Coats

Knitwear has some serious game this year! If there is one 100% warm combo that can be worn during Fall and Winter seasons, then it’s knitted sweater and coat. Today’s fashion offers so many interesting sweater designs, starting from relaxed ones in cable-knit, fitted styles to work appropriate must-haves. Of course, you have to play with proportions in order to create something feminine and eye-catching.

This combo is fantastic! A cream-gray tailored coat is draped over gray-blue cable-knit sweater.

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How to Wear a Winter Scarf With A Coat

If there is one accessory that looks cool and saves us from cold winds, then it’s a Winter scarf. In today’s post I want to share with you awesome outfits featuring scarves and coats. There are so many soft and cozy styles you can choose from this year. This year we see scarves in different lengths, colors and fabrics. Why? It’s all for making them work with our beloved coats. No matter if it’s skinny, oversized, wool, knitted, etc. Personally, I love to see ladies wearing knitted designs worn over coats. This accessory can play around with your neck the same as necklace. Trust me, it can easily upgrade your look, all you need is to give it a try. There are endless combos and variations you can experiment with. How about creating an illusion as you are wearing a chunky turtleneck under cozy coat? All you need is to allow the ends to stay inside the coat. This must-have accessory is extremely versatile, just give it a try!

Keep things neutral colored. How about pairing belted cream-beige trench coat with a cotton color-blocking scarf. Complete the look by adding cuffed knee-ripped boyfriend jeans and pointed-toe ankle-strap black glossy flat pumps.

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Women’s Casual Coats And How To Wear Them

If you are in search of a versatile and cool outerwear piece, then I am here to share with you a marvelous women’s casual coats collection. These beautiful designs can be paired with everything you’ve got in your closet, starting from rock band T-shirts to office cute blouses. In other words saying, each one of these outerwear pieces can work for any occasion, all you need is to pick one in a proper fit and style it with your wardrobe essentials. There is no rule of wearing casual coats properly.

This beige relaxed-fit coat looks comfy and easy to style. Try it on with black separates.

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15 Stylish Pastel Coats to Wear in Winter

If you are looking for a fresh way to underline your femininity and bright side during Winter season, then I am here to share with you 15 stylish pastel coats that will make you look fabulous. This outerwear piece can be seen everywhere, starting from the runways to the streets as well as at special celebrity events. There are numerous of stunning colors you can choose from, including shades of peach, pink, mint, lilac, etc. Pastel coat is definitely a great way to make cold season be your best friend and stand out in a sea of neutral outerwear pieces. Personally, I associate pastel toppers with spring and summer seasons, that’s why choosing this hue is a perfect way to break the monotony of grays and browns. Scroll down, to see my favorite pastel coats. Don’t forget to tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

That’s a cute aquamarine belted draped coat worn with washed light blue skinnies, light brown ankle-boots and gray leather shoulder bag.

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The Best Trench Coats And How To Wear Them

Today I want to talk about best trench coats and how to wear them this year. A classic trench never goes out of style. You can see so many fashion editors, bloggers and celebrities sporting these marvelous outerwear pieces to special events, as well as in their everyday lives. There is something effortlessly chic about trench coat that makes it work as an ideal transitional outerwear piece from Summer to Fall. It goes with just about everything in your closet. I mean, it’s a timeless piece of clothing that can be used as your favorite little black dress, jeans or classic pair of pumps. So why don’t you give the same permanent residency in your wardrobe to one of these trench coats. These trench coats are perfect styles to try this year. Just give them a try! Scroll down to explore my favorite designs you can wear this season.

Aleksandra Duma appears on the streets wearing a shiny tailored classic trench coat draped over white shirt tucked in sequined emerald green skirt. The outfit is completed thanks to chunky necklace and turquoise pointed-toe pumps.

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25 Ways To Wear A Cape

Hello my dear fashion ladies! I’ve got something special for you tonight! In this street style collection I gathered my favorite 25 ways how to wear a cape. There are tons of chic ways to pull off this gorgeous outerwear piece. Trust me, it’s quite easy to wear capes, all you need is to a perfect dose of inspiration. You will be surprised to find out how versatile this garment can be. Capes work on all body types. You are free to wear whatever you like underneath cloak, starting from evening and daywear dresses to jeans and skirts, there is a way to style it with just about any cold season outfit. I’ve rounded up photos of my favorite street style stars who appear in beautiful capes. All you need is to scroll down to see best outfit ideas completed with this trendy outerwear piece.

In search of vibrant outerwear piece? Try on this magnificent black-white striped asymmetric cape styled with black wide-brim fedora hat and gray skinnies tucked in ankle-boots in black leather.

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