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Best Printed Blazers You Can Wear With Your Favorite Clothes

Printed blazer is not a new trend, but it’s still popular no matter where you go. The following garment will add a right dose of femininity and romanticism to any look. You are free to wear it with boyish, classic, retro style or office clothes. In today’s blog post you are about to find functional ideas how to make this trendy piece look great on you. I personally see lots of women choosing this hot trend. Anyway, hope you can find here interesting ways how to make a printed blazer your number one choice this year.

Black blazer in white star print ideally suits white T-shirt paired with black tailored trousers. Add mannish flat shoes and black fedora hat.

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Celebrity Casual Street Style Inspiration: Urban Ideas To Copy Now

Where do you find your style inspiration? In today’s article, I want to show you celebrity casual street style inspirational outfit ideas that are easy to copy and wear on the streets. You are about to see Beyonce, Miranda Kerr, Kim Kardashian, as well as other celebs clad in simple and feminine clothes that are great for street walks, dating and meeting with friends.

Beyonce looks smart chic in this chevron print sweater teamed with black leather leggings and black wedge sneakers. You can complete this look by adding rounded sunglasses and animal print bag.

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Striped Blazers For Confident Women

You can have so much fun with striped blazers this year. Stripes are back in fashion, so you better make them look great on you. The following collection includes fabulous street style looks for confident women who want to wear elegant looks that are both modern and easy to copy.

Black and white striped blazer with golden buttons will make you look very special. Team it with a dark blue top and high-waisted dark blue shorts. This classy sailor look can be complemented with a light gold shoulder bag and lace-up dark blue booties.

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Black Leather Jackets Simple Looks To Copy

You need a black leather jacket. Why? It is a versatile outerwear piece that can make any outfit look special, no matter if it’s casual, sporty or formal. In this article, I want to show you simple looks you can try this year. All you need is to find your one and only black leather jacket. Get inspired and tell me what is your favorite outfit in this collection.

The following black leather jacket comes with a slim-fit. Wear it with a white top and ripped washed blue jeans. Complete this outfit with a black baseball cap and white sneakers.

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20 Ideas How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans With Blazers

You can never be wrong pairing boyfriend jeans with a classic blazer. In today’s fashion, lots of women prefer to choose comfortableness rather than a sexy look. One of my favorites is boyfriend jeans. I love them for a mannish touch and convenience. If you are afraid to experiment and you are a lack of time to find new ways how to wear these bottoms, I recommend taking a look at various outfit ideas you can easily get inspired by.

A simplicity is a key! Faded gray-blue boyfriend jeans can look awesome with a simple striped white T-shirt. Add a salmon pink blazer and peep-toe wedge pumps in salmon pink color.

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What To Wear With A Plaid Dress

If you are in love wth prints, then you definitely should give a try to plaid print dresses. I know many women who wear plaid print no matter where they go. There are lots of awesome garments printed in checks, I recommend to try on the plaid dress. Most of the showcased styles are appropriate for cold weather days, but you can use the same plaid dresses to wear in the summer season months. Some styles look really youthful and school girl inspired, but I love more grown-up ways to wear plaid dresses. The plaid print has a retro feel, that’s why you should opt for modern cuts. It can be your favorite wardrobe essential, so why don’t you make it look awesome, check out unique ways to rock plaid dresses and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

1. Black-white gingham print shirtdress with short sleeves ideally match this sleeveless black leather cargo jacket. Add oversized black sunglasses and red heeled sandals.

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What Goes With Pastel Blazers

Today’s article is dedicated to pastel color blazers and ways to wear them this year. Everyone loves pastel colors and it’s no wonder why, they are sweet, gentle and ladylike, but you should pay attention combining them with your clothes. One misstep and you can end up looking like a little child. I do recommend to take a look at these outfit ideas and see the best ways how to wear pastel blazers. Once you buy a stylish pastel color blazer, you can wear it with light neutral colors, or pastel shades. Keep in mind, bright colors can disharmonize your blazer. The following collection includes different ways how to make pastel blazer look great with your everyday clothes.

1. Turquoise blazer matches this high-neck white sleeveless blouse tucked in printed pastel shorts. Add pastel violet strappy heeled sandals and cream blush handbag.

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14 Ways To Wear Yellow Blazers

What does every woman need to underline her summer outfit and make it look fresh and bright? The answer is: You will need to add a yellow color. Today’s post is dedicated to yellow blazers and ways how to wear them in real life. If you don’t want to look like the rest of the people, as well as underline your individuality, then you should try on a bright yellow suit jacket. An important thing is to make sure everything is harmoniously combined. This bright garment will draw people’s attention, that’s why your task is to make things look ladylike, elegant and confident. Before we move on and see best ways how to wear a yellow blazer with pants, skirts, and dresses, I want to make things clear regarding colors combination. The most successful color combination to the yellow color is brown. The heaviness of brown color will be softened with a lightweight yellow hue. If you are not into brown, I recommend adding red and blue colors. It will underline your impulsivity and spontaneity. The classic combination is yellow with white, dark blue or purple color. Of course, you can combine yellow with neutral hues. Anyway, let’s find out the most appropriate clothing combinations with a yellow blazer.

What Pants Go With Yellow Blazers:

1. Cuffed light blue jeans look just right teamed with a white tee and light yellow blazer. Add yellow leather handbag, peep-toe heeled backless sandals and cat-eye sunglasses.

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All White Outfits With Blazer For Women

If there is one look that makes any woman look super chic and special, then it’s the one dyed all in white. The following article is for ladies who are in search of ways how to wear all white outfits with blazers. A suit jacket is already a basic staple in woman’s wardrobe. It can be a part of a professional look or an addition to a casual style. In both cases, white jacket makes your outfit look festive, romantic and ladylike. The following article will show you nine different ways how to style white blazer with the same color clothing pieces. It can be combined with almost anything from your closet, starting from pants, dresses, jeans to skirts and shorts. There is no secret, all in white is always a winning look!

1. You can make white blazer stand out by adding white shirt tucked in high-waisted flared mini skirt. Add structured handbag and low-heeled white loafers.

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How To Wear Leather Jackets With Boyfriend Jeans

This article is dedicated to women’s boyfriend jeans and how to wear them with leather jackets. Everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their closet. These pants are not only comfortable but also can be worn with completely any top and jacket. The boyfriend’s jeans look is brutal, mannish and edgy. These bottoms are used for wearing on the streets. Of course, they are not meant for office wear, but I use them for casual parties and for everyday use. There is nothing hard in creating urban-style outfit pairing leather jacket with boyfriend jeans. All you need is to find the right balance: let your jacket be slim-fit and choose the relaxed pair of jeans.

1. Acid washes light blue ripped boyfriend jeans ideally fit white tank top completed with black outlines and stripes. Add a black leather jacket and crispy white sneakers. Add black rounded sunglasses and a cool baseball cap.

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