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How To Wear Jewelry

If you do want to make an impression on everyone around, then I guess it’s time to buy statement jewelry. In today’s blog post I am going to show you best ways how to wear jewelry this year. All these striking designs provide its wearer with elegance, beauty and sexiness. Let it be bold and stylishly cool. Of course, there should be a story behind each jewelry piece. Go for an attention-grabbing designs to underline your individuality. Of course, you need just one or two pieces to make your whole outfit stand out. You can either go for a one striking design, or combine well-coordinated accessories to create a perfect balance. In this collection are gathered chunky bright necklaces, cocktail rings, thick bracelets, amazing earrings, crowns, and other statement items in various shapes, designs and colors. I am pretty sure, there will be no problem to brighten up your outfit by adding one of these pieces.

How To Wear Jewelry 2022

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We see beautiful stacked golden rings and amazing turquoise-emerald stone.

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Jewelry Trends To Follow This Year

If you want to enhance your look, I found a perfect addition that will drastically change your outfit. Yes, I am talking about jewelry trends to follow this year. I gathered some guidelines, tips and ideas you can follow in order to look your best. We see so many interesting and unique designs that can be paired with a variety of outfits (from work separates to evening dresses) making them look chic and glamour. Believe me, each one of these styles will compliment your skin and give your look a much needed boost. You gonna see look-at-me rings, bib necklaces, gold cuffs, body chains, boho bracelets, chokers, floral crowns, brooches, eye-catchy earrings and pearl necklaces. I gathered stunning designs for every budget, starting from low priced eye-catchy must-haves to expensive red carpet jewelries. Here are some of the trends to try this year.

Jewelry Trends To Follow This Year 2022

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That’s a statement chunky arm party bracelet embellished with stones.

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Latest Earrings Trends

This article is about latest earrings trends. This beautiful jewelry reflects our beauty and makes us stand-out from the crowd. These beautiful additions can either make or break our outfits, that’s why it’s important to see the best earrings that will make our outfit look both fresh and sophisticated. As you can see, earrings got the dramatic treatment that looks bright and ideal for combining with any outfit. You gonna find sculptural sets, long chain links, tassels, as well as edgy must-haves. Jewelry brands give us loads of designs in various shapes and colors. Some of these earrings look classic, others are extremely extravagant. Of course, you can buy a plain old set of earrings, but I recommend to take a risk by choosing an original set. I rounded up my favorite styles that can work for meetings and parties. Read on to find out more.

Latest Earrings Trends 2022

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We see Angelina Jolie wearing simple hoop gold earrings. This style is great for underlining the beauty of your face.

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How To Wear Colorful Necklaces

If you want to brighten up your outfit and enhance your personality, the best way to do so is to add a colorful necklace. In this compilation are gathered bold, striking and attention-grabbing necklaces made of different materials. Each one of these statement pieces will make you stand out, all you need is to keep your outfit simple and let one big eye-catching piece do its job.

How To Wear Colorful Necklaces 2022

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This one is made of beads and tassels. I am so in love with this fringed multi-colored necklace. It reminds me of boho jewelry, but you can wear it with cocktail attire.

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Thin Necklaces Styles

If you feel like your outfit is incomplete, then I guess it’s time to add a nice necklace. Don’t you think the same? In this collection I gathered stunning street style looks completed with thin necklaces. Each one of these styles will make you look refined and understated. Trust me, these designs are incredible creations for underlining your individuality.

Thin Necklaces Styles 2022

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Lady appears in a white V-backless sweater completed with a thin necklace and ring pendant.

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Ear Cuffs & More Ear Jewelry Ideas

Say hello to my favorite and innovative ear cuffs, piercing and jewelry ideas that are so must-try this year. There are lots of great styles making their way onto just about every earlobe this hot season. Each one of the showcased styles will decorate your ear and make you stand out from the crowd. When it comes to your ears, the jewelry possibilities are endless! All you need is to take a close-up look and choose your new favorite pieces. I’ve put together a collection of different ear jewelry designs. Trust me, each one of these creations is back in full force. I am 100% sure, these bold and edgy earrings will make you feel confident and ready to party. All you need is to choose the one that is the most suitable for your taste.

Ear Cuffs & More Ear Jewelry Ideas 2022

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A touch of tribal is seen in this look. Young lady with a bold make-up is wearing a feathered ear cuff. The result looks perfect. Of course, I do not recommend to wear it in your everyday life or at work. It’s an ideal style for parties and Coachella festivals.

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Bohemian Chic Rings

Let’s talk about bohemian chic rings. Once you try it, you will never take them off your fingers. I honestly think all these creations look well-put together. Believe me, this is an exciting investment that will easily underline your bohemian spirit. Of course, bohemian jewelry has to be completed with a fancy frock or boho inspired outfit, but this post is about rings, so I am not going to show you boho looks.

Bohemian Chic Rings 2022

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Silvery bangles and chunky rings look really awesome. I am so in love with this blue-turquoise color.

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10 Creative and Unusual Ring Designs For Women

As we all know, ring is one of the most ancient jewelry that helps us to express ourselves in a big world of fashion. Today’s article consists of 10 creative and unusual ring designs for women to try this year. I am pretty sure you gonna fall in love with one of these beautiful creations. This piece of jewelry symbolizes friendship, marriage and beauty of its wearer. No matter on which finger you are going to wear this ring, I am 100% sure, you will look terrific. In this compilation are gathered amazing designs that will surely highlight your originality. No matter, if you are old or young, you are going to love these 10 rings.

10 Creative and Unusual Ring Designs For Women 2022

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Daisy flower shaped design of this ring looks amazing. I love it so much!

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Summer Jewelry And Outfit Ideas

In today’s article I want to draw your attention to my favorite jewelry trends to try this Summer. Every season dictates its own rules. It’s no secret, Summer months are all about shortened and lightweight clothes. You should always remember to revamp your clothes, shoes and bags. Don’t forget about your accessories and jewelry. All you need is to know what is on trend right now. Thanks to this street style compilation there will be no problem for you to complete your outfit and underline your individuality. Anyway, read on to see my favorite designs and best ways how to wear them this Summer.

Summer Jewelry And Outfit Ideas 2022

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Blonde lady appears in open-back white tank-top embellished with body chain dainty design. The result looks hot and trendy.

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