Double Denim Looks For Women To Try This Fall

Today I want to show you my personal favorite ways how to wear Canadian Tuxedo look or so-called double denim trend. Some of the showcased images look quite 1970’s inspired, but very inspiring and sophisticated. Sure, you all can recall the iconic picture of Britney Spears with Justin Timberlake, where they appear in cool denim on denim ensembles, but we are here to talk about modern ways how to make double denim look great.

Keep it simple with a pair of cuffed dark blue jeans and frayed denim tank top complemented with a pair of crispy white sneakers. If you are more into an urban look, then you definitely should give a try to oversized denim jacket that can be draped over silken printed blouse half-tucked in cuffed mom jeans completed with white flat shoes.

As you can see, Canadian Tuxedo is making its comeback and I am here to show you amazing outfit ideas on how to get the maximum of this combination. There are so many ways how to give double denim a more updated and modern look. If you still wondering how to perfect your Canadian tuxedo look, then you definitely should check out these ideas to copy right now. All you need is to look around to reinvent this funky appearance.

Another way to make a statement is to try on your favorite jeans and pair them with a chambray shirt and statement shoes:

I personally like to team jeans with denim outerwear, like a vest, blazer or jacket:

Some girls try to underline their uniqueness by wearing three-piece denim looks. It can be either a pantsuit over crop top or an oversized jean jacket layered over high-neck shortened denim top teamed with high-waisted jeans:

Another great outfit ideas with a denim jacket, chambray shirt, and your favorite jeans:

Some women keep things a bit slouchy and casual, but I recommend to try on chambray shirt with skinny jeans and black leather jacket:

If you dream of double denim look, but afraid to give it a try, then why don’t you read some basic tips and tricks on make this trend look cool:

  • Keep the balance and go for a short denim jacket styled with a cropped denim top and high-waisted skinny jeans completed with low heel heels;
  • Don’t be afraid of going totally monochrome in denim;
  • Make sure your clothes have a similar vibe, for instance, if you want to go relaxed, then go for a distressed chambray shirt team it with straight leg jeans;
  • Dark denim is a good choice. Look damn sophisticated with a belted dark blue jacket and navy wide-leg jeans;
  • You can still mix up colors, all you need is to try on a blue jean jacket and pair it with black skinny jeans;
  • If you are not into the slim look, try on a slouchy silhouette;
  • Denim jacket and the jean skirt is a cool combo;
  • For a chic daytime outfit go for a denim blazer and team it with crisp white skinny jeans;
  • A total denim solid pantsuit is a good choice for work hours.

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  1. I can wear denim all year, anytime, except probably for evening parties. Thanks for sharing these outfit ideas. I am going to try a few of them.

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