Ear Cuffs & More Ear Jewelry Ideas

Say hello to my favorite and innovative ear cuffs, piercing and jewelry ideas that are so must-try this year. There are lots of great styles making their way onto just about every earlobe this hot season. Each one of the showcased styles will decorate your ear and make you stand out from the crowd. When it comes to your ears, the jewelry possibilities are endless! All you need is to take a close-up look and choose your new favorite pieces. I’ve put together a collection of different ear jewelry designs. Trust me, each one of these creations is back in full force. I am 100% sure, these bold and edgy earrings will make you feel confident and ready to party. All you need is to choose the one that is the most suitable for your taste.

A touch of tribal is seen in this look. Young lady with a bold make-up is wearing a feathered ear cuff. The result looks perfect. Of course, I do not recommend to wear it in your everyday life or at work. It’s an ideal style for parties and Coachella festivals.

These are chunky statement Haute Couture earrings worn with a floral fit-and-flare dress and golden open-back sandals:

Drop earrings embellished with crystals look fancy and glamour with this big bow headband:

Statement drop earrings will definitely match your tailored brocade outfit:

Diamond ear cuffs completed with pearls look chic and fancy. Try them on with a bright yellow coat and deep blue dress:

Ear cuff embellished with edgy crystals looks damn hot with a cute headband completed with stars:

Pierced ear with triangle earrings looks minimalistic to me:

Pearl earrings and thin necklace with a cute rounded pendant is an ideal way to brighten up your look:

Rosie Whiteley looks sophisticated with triangle double earrings and shiny golden necklace:

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