Gym, Yoga & Fitness Outfit Ideas

So, you just started working out at the gym, running and doing yogas? My CONGRATS! In today’s blog post I want to show you my favorite gym, yoga and fitness outfit ideas you can copy next week. Regardless of whether you run, do yoga, or train at the gym, these combos are ideal for any workout. No matter what is your age or size, there is so much you can wear these days. You can find colorful pants and tops that will give you additional energy.

That’s a marvelous printed matchy matchy workout gear. An ideal choice for work-out gym classes.

If you want to feel inspired, then I highly recommend to try on colorful clothes. Whilst those ladies who want to relax and calm down, I suggest you to wear pastel and muted hue sports clothes. My personal advice is to keep your bottoms dark colored and throw on a bright top. Speaking of fit, then your workout clothes should glide over your body. Avoid relaxed or super-tight tank tops and think of fitted ones. Below, are shown workout wear for every body shape.

Here we see a gray jacket worn with black leggings and pastel green runners. You can carry all your sporty stuff in this pretty blue duffel bag:

Peach sporty bra top and gray-peach mini shorts are ideal for beach running days:

This running outfit is ideal for chilly Summer mornings, It consists of a peach slim sports jacket and blue capri leggings completed with gray-white runners:

Another great-looking sporty look. We see a neon yellow hooded top paired with black leggings and gray-yellow runners:

Gray long top is a perfect addition for chilly days. Try it on with a fitted yellow tank top and red leggings. Complete this look by adding black runners:

Blush relaxed-fit top is a perfect layering piece for wearing from home to the gym distances. Complete this outfit by adding gray-blue capri leggings and gray runners:

Gray shortened tank top is teamed with light red leggings:

Turtleneck gray long-sleeve tight top is tucked in gray mini sports shorts:

Another comfy looking outfit for runners. We see a cream-white long-sleeve fitted top with light blue neon outlines and bright blue leggings completed with blue runners:

That’s a functional outfit for yoga classes. We see blue tank top and pinstripe leggings:

Another great look for yoga. We see blush-black bodysuit worn with black leggings:

Here we see all white yoga outfit that consists of yoga leggings and sporty bra top:

A great combo for run days. We see a gray elongated long-sleeve top and violet leggings:

Light pink T-shirt is teamed with turquoise shorts and gray-white-turquoise runners:

Orange-peach sporty bra top is paired with mini sporty shorts. An ideal outfit for running and doing open-air activities:

Another great look for running. White crop tank top is teamed with black-white zebra print leggings and white runners:

Pink sporty vest is worn atop black-pink striped bra top teamed with black leggings:

Pink sporty crop tank top is paired with printed mini shorts:

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