How To Wear a Beret – Parisian Style Inspiration

In love with Parisian chic style? If so, then I am here to share with you an awesome street style compilation of my favorite ways how to wear berets in real life. Like it or not, but beret is a cliche symbol of Parisian style. Personally, I associate this hat with military, but most of us automatically think of France when we see this type of headgear in town. Most of these head toppers are made of wool fabric. I like this type of hat for its original look that makes a real statement at any place. By the way, there are thousands of style icons who were spotted in this pretty accessory.

We see a girl who is clad fully in black outfit. She is wearing a pom pom knitted black beret, wrap knitted scarf, black leather jacket, sexy tights, knee-high black socks and urban casual black boots.

Thanks to modern brands and designers we see its comeback on the runways, as well as on the streets of big cities. This type of hat is very soft, looks retro glamour and it’s an ideal choice for bad hair days. I love to wear it once the fall air turns crisp. You are free to wear it with anything you want, starting from simple basics, like jeans, white shirts and flared skirts to pretty LBDs, floral frocks and cocktail attire. Anyway, scroll down your mouse to see best ways how to wear berets in real life and look like a real Parisian chic.

Wool dark camel beret is styled with grey pullover tucked in mini denim skirt:

That’s what I call Parisian chic during her street walk on the town. We see a black beret, black dress with a white collar:

Say hello to vintage outfit. We see a lady who is wearing a burgundy beret, matching color sweater, checkered skirt and a lovely silken neck scarf:

An urban French chic girl drinks coffee. She is wearing a red beret, black-white striped long-sleeve top tucked in high-rise dark blue skinny jeans:

Taylor Swift looks pretty awesome with black beret, eyeglasses in black frames and black turtleneck:

White knitted beret with a black bow is styled with a cream-grey coat and over-the-knee grey socks tucked in ankle-boots:

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