How To Wear Jewelry

If you do want to make an impression on everyone around, then I guess it’s time to buy statement jewelry. In today’s blog post I am going to show you best ways how to wear jewelry this year. All these striking designs provide its wearer with elegance, beauty and sexiness. Let it be bold and stylishly cool. Of course, there should be a story behind each jewelry piece. Go for an attention-grabbing designs to underline your individuality. Of course, you need just one or two pieces to make your whole outfit stand out. You can either go for a one striking design, or combine well-coordinated accessories to create a perfect balance. In this collection are gathered chunky bright necklaces, cocktail rings, thick bracelets, amazing earrings, crowns, and other statement items in various shapes, designs and colors. I am pretty sure, there will be no problem to brighten up your outfit by adding one of these pieces.

We see beautiful stacked golden rings and amazing turquoise-emerald stone.

Military inspired outfit is completed with bracelets and arm parties:

If you do like modern fashion, then you should give a try to these neon bracelets:

Keep it bright, mystic and sophisticated! Go for golden crown and drop earrings:

Update your classic handbag by adding a cute insect brooch:

Update your sexy LBD with pearls:

Gold and silver can be mixed up. We see one hand with golden watches and the other hand is embellished with golden-silvery arm party:

Gold arm cuffs can be styled with boho style dresses:

This young lady is clad in a grey-blue maxi gown. Her outfit is completed with layered anklets:

Go for layered choker and sexy earrings:

Your classic black-white striped dress can be updated with golden necklace with a tassel:

Keep it cool and hippie inspired. We see pool party outfit completed with arm party and long necklace:

Rihanna poses in a creative head crown and layered necklace:

Your everyday Tomboy look will definitely look more ladylike thanks to chunky necklace:

We see stacked jewelry that can be worn with all kinds of dresses and suits:

Golden bangles, classic necklace and colorful bracelets. All these additions will surely brighten up your look:

Lupita Nyongo poses in statement earrings wearing an eye-catchy ring:

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