How To Wear: Oxfords And Brogues Outfit Ideas

First of all, let’s make it clear and find out what is the difference between Oxfords and Brogues. The main difference is in the detail on the cap. Brogues come with a detailed cap (looks like a W), whilst Oxfords are plain on the cap. These two footwear styles are popular in women’s fashion right now. Why? It’s all because of the menswear trend. I see lots of fashion influencers who appear on the streets wearing Oxfords and Brogues. You might associate these shoes only with mannish outfits, but they do look awesome with feminine dresses, skirts and skinny jeans. I gathered some seriously glamour outfits that will make you wanna buy mannish shoes. Scroll down to see best tips and ideas on how and what to wear with these masculine shoes.

Lady appears on the streets wearing glossy lace-up brogues styled with black slim trousers, white shirt and draped blush jacket.

White Oxfords look damn pretty with all black outfit that consists of a mannish suit jacket and skinny jeans:

Black Oxfords are updated with golden details. Try on this footwear with mini black skirt and slouchy cream gray pullover:

Glossy black Oxfords look chic and sexy with all black pantsuit:

Black Oxfords will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Try them on with black skinnies, white shirt and gray pullover:

Nude brogues look retro inspired with denim mini shorts and peach colored button-down:

Lace-up glossy black brogues with metallic golden detail look eye-catchy with mini skirt and pullover:

Heeled black patent Oxfords are worn with charcoal skinnies, white top and tailored sleeveless red coat:

These brown leather brogues look vintage. Try them on with horses print dress and maroon short cardigan:

Here we see brown leather Oxfords styled with dark-brown skinnies, chambray shirt and striped long-sleeve sweater:

Silvery metallic pointed-toe Oxfords look damn hot with ripped blue denim shorts and printed pullover:

Emma Watson appears on the streets wearing glossy brown leather brogues, black color flared mini skirt and dark blue knitted sweater:

Floral print white oxfords look fresh and sweet. Try these shoes with cuffed indigo skinnies, blue-white gingham shirt and yellow cardigan:

Glossy black Oxfords will ideally suit your cuffed pleated gray trousers, white shirt and black blazer:

Black-white-black Brogues gonna make you look fabulous! Try on this footwear with skim black trousers, white shirt and knitted sweater:

We see black oxfords styled with socks and long-sleeve denim dress:

Vintage style Oxfords look great with skinny jeans, cozy sweater and black blazer:

Red Brogues will for sure underline your uniqueness! Try them on with neutral mannish separates:

Black-white brogues gonna make you look fresh and sexy! Try them on with long-sleeve black shift dress:

We see bright brogues worn with mannish slim fit clothes:

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