How To Wear Pleated Skirts With Ankle Boots

Here are presented simple and functional outfit ideas featuring pleated skirts and ankle boots. You should definitely give this skirt style a try. It represents lightness, femininity and spring season. Every woman gonna look incredibly airy and special. In this post, I am going to show you how to wear this beautiful garment in real life.

Shiny green knee-length pleated skirt is an ideal choice to wear at cocktail parties. All you need is to pair it with a dressy blouse or a bright blue sweater (as seen in the image above). If you think it looks too much sweet, then you definitely should add black leather ankle boots and biker inspired black coat.

The pleated skirt looks quite unusual. This kind of garment can’t be seen so often in everyday life. The length of this skirt does matters. Mini pleated skirts ideally suit slender women. If you are a tall and streamlined lady, then you are free to choose whatever skirt length. If you want to hide your hips, then I suggest wearing the midi pleated skirt. Ankle boots look great with maxi and midi skirts.

A silver-black knife-pleated maxi skirt makes a wow impression, pair it with a sleeveless blush blouse embellished with a sheer black necktie. Add black leather embroidered bomber jacket and stiletto pointed-toe ankle boots in black suede.

The gold knife-pleated midi skirt is a glamorous choice that makes any woman look special no matter where she is. Add military inspired black cargo jacket and classy black leather ankle boots.

Keep it casual and simple. A knife-pleated red midi skirt looks bright and vintage inspired. Team it with a multi-striped sweater and matching color leather ankle boots.

Looking for a bright everyday look? How about teaming spaghetti strap orange fruit printed top with a knife-pleated midi skirt and lace-up ankle boots in cream-gray color.

White gold knife pleated midi skirt ideally matches the cream beige sweater. Add cream beige suede ankle boots and leopard print fur coat.

I recommend starting from neutral color bottoms, pairing them with classic one color booties. The great news is that pleated skirt can be teamed with any top, starting from casual pullover to a fur coat, that’s why it’s so important to experiment and combine different fabrics, colors and textures.

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