How To Wear Your Sundress This Summer

This time I want to talk about sundresses. This beautiful piece of clothing is considered to be a lazy girl’s Summer outfit. Whether you are going to the beach, barbecue party, for a walk or special party, a lovely sundress will always boost your confidence and make you look and feel very special. This time, I will draw your attention on what shoes to wear with a sundresses, what layering tricks you can use and how to flawlessly pull off a sundress during warm season months.

Make sure it’s an appropriate weather condition for wearing a sundress. Of course, you can break the rule by adding a heavy jacket if it’s a bit colder than you expected or leave things as they are, if you don’t mind the cold. A sundress is for casual events, like a picnic, trip to the mall, or a casual street walk, that’s why avoid wearing it to formal events. Find an appropriate length and design, if you have short legs, or you don’t want your dress to blow up in Marilyn Monroe style, then I do recommend to choose a maxi style. If you want to create a simple style, then look for neutral solid color version or a printed design. A feminine sundress works no matter how many times we wear it. Most girls want to know how to wear sundress at night, I recommend to add darker color shoes and bags. Plus you can add some jewelry to complete your style. If you want to add some character, then the best thing is to choose shoes in bright color or print.

How To Wear Your Sundress This Summer 2023

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2 thoughts on “How To Wear Your Sundress This Summer”

  1. Hi,
    I am a 62yo size 4. Here’s my take on sundresses and shoes. First, I like light tan sandals with my not to frumpy, large floral dresses. I have 3 florals that are white or red, and they look great with tan or even white sandals. I really like long skirts nd interesting tops, like a nautical look, and a navy or white skirt. I use a red anchor, and red earrings, for a pop of color. I like simple, yet elegant looks. I have a fondness for mint this year, which surprises me, but I try and stay style (not fashion) curious, but don’t want to look silly. I balance age with style.

  2. Wearing sundress gives me an additional summer feel! It’s lightweight to wear and usually is worn with sandals.

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