Style Ideas About Printed Skirts

We all want to look bright and eye-catching, am I right? I guess so! In today’s blog post I’ve inspiring and easy ways for you to wear printed skirts. Be sure to try at least one of these outfit ideas next week. Believe me, printed skirt will easily prep up your wardrobe. Why do I like these bottoms so much? They are ideal transitional pieces that ideally work with all kinds of tops, jackets and shoes. Keep the rest of your outfit crisp and clean. Keep it bold and glamour by playing with cool textures, fun colors, prints and cuts. Let your skirt be the center of attention. All in all, every one needs a visual. That’s why I have this stunning street style collection for your one and only inspiration. Don’ forget to tell me which one is your favorite. Let me know in the comments below!

We see a maxi white skirt in black and red palm trees worn with white sleeveless blouse and quilted shoulder clutch bag.

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Red Skirts Designs And How To Wear Them

Make it fancy, bright and sexy. We are here to talk about red skirts designs and how to wear them in real life. The following collection consists of various looks that work for office hours, cocktail parties and fancy evening events. If you do have one in your wardrobe, then you are a lucky one, as it’s a good buy. Of course, if you know how to style it. Many ladies simply don’t know how to wear it in real life, that’s why I decided to create this ultimate street style guide. First of all, you don’t have to be afraid of mixing up red skirt with your tops and footwear. Trust me, red is a versatile color and goes with absolutely anything. Don’t forget about using a belt in your everyday looks. This addition will give you a bright update. Anyway, read on and get inspired by all my favorite outfit ideas that every girl should try at least once in her life.

That’s what I call ab absolute seduction! Lady is clad in a lightweight robe coat worn atop matching color crop top teamed with high-waisted red midi pencil skirt. In love with these skinny heeled sandals.

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How to Wear a Sheer Skirt – Street Style Ideas

Listen up everyone, YOU NEED TO TRY THIS TREND NOW! In today’s street style collection I gathered awesome ideas how to wear a sheer skirt this year. The look of this bottom garment is ultimate and ideal for making statement no matter where you are. Be sure, sheer skirt will be a badass center of your outfit. Of course, this is a challenging trend to pull off, but it’s totally worth it. All you need to style it right and you will certainly catch attention of any street style photographer. In this collection I tried to gather all possible and impossible designs, starting from layered styles to semi-sheer basics. Of course, there are more modest ways to master the look, all you need is to use a bit of your imagination and get inspired by the following street style ideas.

In love with pastels? If so, then you better give a try to this cute outfit that features a pastel blue lightweight sweater and sheer midi pastel skirt over mini skirt. Complete this look by adding green heeled sandals.

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Skirt Suits Designs For Work

First impressions are very important, that’s why if you want to dress to impress, then you better take a close up look at these inspiring skirt suits designs for work that will underline your individuality and make you look professional. I am 100% sure, each one of these looks will formulate a positive vibe and make you stand out. We all know that fashions come and go, but style remains. This year is great for all kinds of experimentations, you are free to try bright prints, mismatched colors, fancy accessories and jewelry, as well as sexy details. All in all, here is a guide to make sure you choose a stunning outfit for your working hours. Scroll down to find out more.

Keep it all in white! Go for a structured white suit jacket, white shirt and asymmetric wrap tight skirt.

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How To Wear Mules Shoes

This year’s must-have shoes are mules. This footwear enjoying a big moment in the world of fashion right now. Personally, they remind me of wedges mixed with clogs and ankle-boots. They are backless, closed/opened toed and have a heel that ranges from small to big. The great plus of mules is the functionality and comfort. Indeed, versatility allows you to wear them with lots of great stuff. You can either create very Parisian chic look, make them look 1970’s inspired, or keep things sporty or smart-casual. I recommend to try them on with cropped trousers that can easily highlight this footwear. If you are not into short trousers, then you can go into riskier territory by teaming mules with skirts or dresses. Anyway, read on to see my favorite outfit ideas with mules to try on this hot season.

How about wearing black open-toe heeled mules with cuffed ripped regular fit jeans and light blue shirt. The outfit looks menswear inspired and relaxed.

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Black Pumps Street Style Inspiration Your Ultimate Guide

I tell you honestly, you need to try this footwear next week! Hello, ladies! In today’s ultimate guide style we gonna see black pumps outfit ideas for work and parties. Honestly, I think black pumps are must-haves in every lady’s closet. It’s the same like having a little black dress, when you don’t know what to wear, you can always rely on it. Black pumps are one of the best investment pieces you can have this year. Another great plus of these shoes, is the amazing versatility that allows you to wear them in million different ways.

The first look I wanted to mention is one of my favorites. This black sleeveless dress is an ideal choice for working hours. Try it on with black pointed-toe pumps, black leather belt, chain necklace and chevron print suit-blazer.

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How To Wear Nude Pumps

Why do women love nude pumps so much? It’s simple, they make our legs look longer, leaner and slimmer in a lot of ways, especially if nude heels match your skin tone. Personally, I like nude heels is that you can pair them with any outfit. Doesn’t matter if you are wearing a patterned dress or any color solid frock, it all goes with nude heels. Why? Because they are in your skin tone, so this footwear will naturally match your outfit. That’s why you better pay a very close attention to your outfit.

The following outfit worn by Amal Clooney looks incredibly chic and elegant. She appears in 1/2 sleeved dress with muted green stripes. Her look is completed thanks to nude pointed-toe pumps and statement sunglasses.

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How To Style: Women In Pant Suits

If you do like corporate suits, then you gonna love my next blog post. Below is a stunning collection of women’s pantsuits and best ways how to style them this year. I think this is the best way to redefine power and femininity, by sporting one of these stunning creations. In this street style collection I gathered elegant tailored designs that will prove how much you need a pantsuit in your life. As you can see, each one of these essentials is perfectly tailored to make any lady look amazing. It’s no wonder why this outfit is having a moment right now. Want to jump abroad this trend? Read on to see my favorite must-haves, starting from classic styles to funky and glamour separates.

How cool is black? Go for a classic slim-fit pantsuit in black color and style it with classy pumps and silvery earrings.

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Statement Jackets Outfits To Get You Inspired

All you need is a good, statement jacket! Believe me, a gorgeous outerwear can add so much to your look, plus it easily turns plain clothes into stunning outfit. Consider a statement topper to be any jacket with pattern, color or embellishments. You can wear it with everything you’ve got in your closet, starting from classic black jumpsuits, basic separates, like jeans and tees, dresses to fancy night-out and date night looks. If you feel like your look misses something, the best finishing touch would be an eye-catching topper. Don’t shy away and take a cloe up look through this stunning selection of statement jackets to get you inspired.

Silvery sequined shiny jacket looks simple and relaxed. Try it on with your favorite white pants.

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Maxi Dresses For Evening Parties

If there is one best dress for evening parties, then it’s a maxi gown. This invention is ideal for women of all ages, shapes and heights. The effortless look works pretty much every occasion, starting from evening parties, formal weddings to red carpet events. Personally, I like this style for its functionality that allows you to wear it all year round, from Summer to Winter. I’ve rounded up seriously glamour gowns that can work for all kinds of events, shapes, styles and budgets. Scroll down to find out more and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

A sleeveless white empire-waist maxi gown can be updated with a British flag clutch and flat sandals.

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