How To Style: Dresses With Heels

If you wondering what is the most sexiest and ladylike outfit to try on this year, then I’ve got an answer for you. It’s a dress with heels. Yes, it’s classic, but it works ideal on every lady, no matter how old she is, or what is her body type. Make a statement on the streets, or parties by wearing dress completed with heels. Of course, your dress should compliment your chosen shoes, that’s why keep in mind colors, length and style. Keep in mind one very important thing: shoes can make or break your look. Your footwear has to compliment your outfit. If you want to get inspired, then you better take a close-up look at some of my favorite ideas.

Here we see lips printed strapless asymmetric-cut dress styled with cute red low-heeled Mary Janes. Complete this outfit by adding statement sunglasses.

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Casual Long Sleeve Dresses

In today’s blog post I am going to show you my favorite long sleeved dresses and how to style them in real life. Long sleeve dresses are ideal for freezing days, as well as for underlining your individuality. If you are a beginner to this style, then I recommend to start from minimal detailed versions. Each one of these styles exudes elegance and uniqueness. It’s fair to be said, long-sleeve dress works ideal for just about every occasion. When accessorizing such dress, I recommend to take “less is more” approach, by keeping accessories and jewelry to minimal.

Turquoise green puffy sleeved shirtdress is a perfect choice for everyday wear. Try it on with leopard print pumps and cream handbag.

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How To Wear: Wide Leg Jeans For Women

If you do like 1970’s fashion and relaxed look, then I recommend to try on wide leg jeans this season. Wide-leg denim pants look classic, tailored and make your silhouette look streamlined. There will be no problem for you to make a real statement on the streets by wearing one of the showcased styles. In this compilation I gathered high-waisted, mid-rise and low-slung designs. By the way, these bottoms are ideal for Friday’s office hours wear, as well as dates and all kinds of parties. Why do I like these bottoms so much? They are pretty much flattering on every lady, no matter if she’s young, old, skinny or plus-sized. Wide-leg jeans are comfy, fun and playful.

Mid-rise blue cropped denim flares look damn hot styled with bell-sleeved printed vintage blouse.

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15 Ways To Style A Leather Dress

I am so in love with leather dresses. I think it’s one of the best garments to underline your edgy, rock-chic vibe. In today’s article I am going to share with you my favorite 15 ways on how to style leather dress. Believe me, this look will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. There are many interesting designs to choose from, starting with classic black versions to patent red, brown, burgundy, blue, yellow, green, etc. Why do I like this dress so much? It’s a versatile piece that can be worn with all kinds of shoes, accessories and toppers. I see women completing leather frocks with dainty gold and silvery jewelry, the result looks incredibly rich and exquisite. By the way, leather is a perfect transition fabric that you can wear from Winter to Spring months. If you want to try it, but don’t know how to wear it, then you better take a look through these street style images for one and only inspiration.

An oversized cream-white knitted sweater looks great worn with pinafore black leather dress. In love with these big rounded sunglasses and furry black heeled sandals.

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How To Wear A Lace Dress

Let’s talk about lace dresses. In today’s article I want to draw your attention to my favorite ways how to wear a lace dress on the streets, parties and special occasions. If you do like lace, then you are a lucky one, as we still have this trend going strong. There are pretty much lots of awesome ways how to wear it in real life. This year we see ladies wearing romantic, versatile and timeless designs in various lengths and cuts.

We see a pretty light red lace dress worn with nude pumps. A perfect choice for cocktail parties.

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What To Wear With A Yellow Skirt

If you want to make a real statement this year, then how about wearing a yellow skirt? In today’s post I want to share with you my favorite outfit ideas on what to wear with a yellow skirt. Why do we love this garment so much? It’s a noticeable piece that visually makes you stand out from the crowd. The result looks cheerful, fun and bright. Speaking of possible styling tips, then I recommend to wear this bottom garment with a monochrome color palette. Think of black, white, navy, pink, pastels, as well as neutrals. Don’t be afraid of wearing color-blocking looks and vibrant hues. I love adding more colors, like blue shoes, orange clutches, statement jewelry, etc. It automatically adds a fun, yet elegant touch to the overall outfit. Of course, everything depends on your own style preferences. Anyway, read on to see my favorite outfit combos to wear this year.

Navy blouse is paired with A-line midi yellow skirt. The outfit is completed thanks to cream-beige fedora hat, turquoise bag and thong sandals.

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10 Super Sexy Work Outfits For Modern Women

Wanna look sexy during working hours? If so, then you should take a look through these 10 super sexy office outfit ideas for modern women. I am 100% sure you gonna find in this compilation at least one inspiration look to try on next week. By the way, you are free to transit these outfits between the boardroom and after-hours cocktails. Personally, I think every lady should always feel sexy in what she wears in her everyday life. I am not saying you have to wear sexy stockings or sheer tops. All you need is to add just a little sex appeal to your professional modern career outfit. Let these details exude confidence and power. Take a close up look at my favorite clothes you can actually wear in the office and day offs. All in all, here are some sexy ways to update your workwear without looking misplaced or perverse.

Lady appears on the streets wearing a dark blue shirt tucked in white wide-leg trousers. The outfit is completed with cream-brown structured handbag, modern sunglasses and skinny belt.

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How To Style Ripped Skinny Jeans

Say hello to my favorite ripped skinny jeans. In today’s street style compilation we are going to see best ways how to style ripped skinnies this year. Destroyed denim is really popular nowadays. You are free to wear small holes and rips or keep it extremely ripped, everything depends on your overall look. You can wear distressed denim with literally everything and everywhere, except work and formal events. Personally, I love these bottoms for their super casual feel. Destroyed denim looks street-chic and uber fancy. All you need is to keep your outfit look awesome and refined. If you want to make ripped skinnies work for you, then I recommend to take a look through my favorite looks and get inspired. Would love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

We see sexy lady in a black long-sleeve top with lace-up V-neck tucked in mid-rise skinnies with ripped knees.

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Just Say YES To Detailed Jeans

Keep it fancy and unique by wearing premium denim this year. Yes, in today’s blog post I am going to share with you my favorite embellished and detailed jeans with lace up sides, completed with colorful sequins, floral prints, colorful printed splashes, with tie dye effects, patchwork, etc. I think every lady wants to stand out from the crowd. How will you make it with classic blue jeans? It will be quite hard for you. Thanks to modern designer brands we have chance to buy embellished jeans that feature all kinds of embroideries, crystals, studs, as well as special stitches.

Make a statement with these shortened skinny white jeans with lace-up sides. Try them on with a glossy black slip tank and embellished block heel sandals.

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Green Skirt Outfits

I have already mentioned blue skirts in my previous post. In today’s article I want to draw your attention to green skirt outfit ideas. This color is extremely versatile, as you can use it from work to parties. I decided to bring you a chic street style compilation, where ladies appear in stunning casual and office style outfits completed with green skirts. Of course, green color is the epitome of new life and warm weather, that’s why I see lots of ladies who appear in green skirts exactly in Spring and Summer months. But it doesn’t mean you can’t rock this garment in cold season months. You can still sport it from October to March. This skirt is a perfect choice for those ladies who want to feel themselves cool, special and fabulous. Anyway, check out my favorite inspirational images where ladies appear in beautiful green skirts.

Make a real statement on the streets by wearing a striped cropped top with a cool A-line flared light green skirt. Complete this outfit by adding stylish sunglasses, shoulder black leather bag and skinny heeled sandals.

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