Pom Pom Beanies For Cold Winter Days

Hello, my dear fashion addicted ladies! It’s been a while since my last post, so I am here with a new one. Today we are going to talk about pom pom beanies and how to wear them this Winter 2018. This is a must-have accessory for Winter time, it can be found in different styles and colors. My personal favorite design is the beanie with a pom-pom detail. In case you want to buy one, then you definitely should try the one with a pom-pom. Why? It looks sweet, fun and trendy. Plus, there are lots of possible ways how to style them in real life.

As I have already mentioned, this beautiful hat comes in different designs and colors, so you are free in your choice. Fashion offers expensive ones and cheaper versions, so you definitely won’t spend much on it. The good news is, this beanie can not only keep your head warm but also make you look different in a good and chic way. Sure, you better know how to style them, otherwise, you can look cheap and out of place. First of all, choose a color that matches the rest of your look, or you can go for a contrasting color that can make you look fresher and give you a bigger statement. For instance, a white cable-knit beanie with a cute pom-pom can be teamed with a military green-brown coat, the same white beanie looks awesome with a cream-white wool coat and classic blue jeans, light grey version ideally suits camel coat, black one can suit a colorful sporty style bomber jacket, etc. A pom pom detail can definitely add up a spicy touch to your outfit. Most beanies come with a single pom pom on the top, but you can add some flair with two or even multiple pom poms.

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