Ripped Jeans And Ankle Boots Outfit Ideas

If you are in search of new ways how to wear ripped jeans with ankle boots, then you definitely should take a look at these awesome outfit ideas below. A distressed denim is something that makes you stand out from the crowd. This pair of jeans is an absolute must-have that can easily underline your individuality and cool girl vibe. I personally choose ripped jeans to go rocker-chic, all I need is a pair of ripped jeans, edgy ankle boots, and leather jacket. To look awesome in distressed jeans and ankle boots, you need to remember to roll the cuff of your jeans above your shoes and the hem of skinny jeans should be folded inward. If you still wondering how to wear this combination together, then I am here to show you incredible ways to make this tricky look put-together.

1. Make a wow effect by teaming ripped washed blue jeans with peep-toe black leather ankle boots. Add white cable-knit sweater, draped dark camel jacket and tartan print handbag. The bag makes things look way more casual. Extra points for a black beanie.

2. Wear black suede ankle boots with black slim jeans embellished with rips. Add blush shirt, black see-through vest, blush handbag and wide-brim floppy hat in black color.

3. A crazy Winter outfit for women who want to underline their individuality. We see knee-ripped skinnies, black suede ankle boots, gray sweater and duffel coat in black color.

4. Another great smart-casual outfit for women who want to look special. Go for ripped skinnies, cream gray sweater, cream-beige ankle boots, and white down jacket.

5. Extremely ripped washed gray jeans ideally suit blush ribbed knit sleeveless high-neck sweater covered with a cream-gray leather shearling jacket. Complete this combination with a pair of black leather ankle boots.

6. Two trends in one look! We see ripped black skinny jeans with a black lace-up bodysuit, platform heeled black ankle boots and leopard print coat.

7. Ripped jeans ideally suit white printed shirt, camel color ankle boots, aviator sunglasses and cream pink handbag.

8. Suede gray-beige ankle boots make dark blue jeans look fresh and ladylike. Add green coat with black leather sleeves, black leather shoulder bag, and rounded black sunglasses.

9. Make a wow effect with a pair of red ankle boots. Wear them with ripped blue skinnies, sleeveless white T-shirt, and a beige double-breasted biker jacket.

10. Ripped skinny jeans look terrific with pale purple lace top with spaghetti straps. Add cream-beige blazer, perforated peep-toe booties, and pastel purple handbag.

11. Go for extremely ripped slim jeans in washed blue color. Team these bottoms with a pinstripe black sleeveless blazer and pinstripe Chelsea ankle boots.

12. Want to make things look more fun and edgy? Try on platform ankle boots in black leather, add ripped slim jeans in washed blue color, red sweater, flowers embroidered black leather jacket and a black leather bucket bag.

13. Black stiletto ankle boots embroidered with flowers look very special teamed with high-waisted washed blue jeans, slouchy cable-knit sweater and draped plaid print cape. Complete this outfit with blush fedora hat and cool pink leather backpack.

14. A cool blush pullover embellished with pom-poms ideally suit regular washed blue jeans and cream blush ankle-boots.

15. Ripped light blue high-rise boyfriend jeans can be an ideal match to wear with a mustard-brown sweater with bell sleeves. Add buckled ankle boots and maroon leather tote bag.

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