Slip On Shoes: Street Style Outfit Ideas

If you do like to wear comfortable shoes, but don’t want to make it look too many sports inspired, then you should give a try to slip on shoes. This footwear is on trend right now and there are lots of ways how to wear them in real life. The revival of this athleisure design took the fashion world by the storm, that’s why you can find so many street style images around the web, where women appear in different style clothes complemented with slip-on shoes. The following footwear can be worn with and without socks. Forget about painful heels and flat sandals, give a try to these practical shoes. There are thousands and more possibilities on how to wear this footwear trend. Pair them with chinos, shorts, denim, skirts and dresses. In other words saying, slip-on shoes go with basically anything. The following outfit ideas feature classic white, embroidered, printed and colorful footwear designs. Scroll down to find out more.

1. Pair striped V-neck spaghetti strap dress with white slip-on shoes washed blue denim jacket and aviator sunglasses. Add a classic shoulder bag with chain strap.

2. When blue meets white! Cute white slip-on shoes with colorful embroidery ideally match white trousers paired with a sleeveless light blue shirtdress. Add neon blue snakeskin print clutch. A dress over pants is a great combination.

3. Ripped and cuffed washed blue jeans ideally suit this white T-shirt in blue stripes and cool patches. Add black lace-up slip-on shoes and black cargo backpack. An ideal outfit for casual day offs.

4. Some like Tomboy chic looks. Go for a serious mannish touch by teaming black-white striped long-sleeve top with pastel purple jeans and matching color slip-on shoes. Add black shearling jacket and black floppy hat. In love with this ’90s vibe.

5. Black T-dress looks simple and street wear appropriate. Add washed gray-white denim jacket embellished with patches, rounded black sunglasses, embroidered black leather clutch bag and embroidered black slip-on shoes.

6. High-waist flared jeans will make this cargo khaki green shirt look classy and retro inspired. Add a gray jacket, satchel dark gray bag and snakeskin print slip-on shoes.

7. Classic slip-on sneakers in animal print can be a perfect match to wear with a cream-gray leather pencil skirt and chevron print white fur jacket. Everything looks simple and grunge inspired.

8. Classic white lace-up slip-on shoes match front-buttoned washed blue denim skirt and cropped high-neck cream-gray sweater.

9. Pastel blue slip-on shoes with metallic toes look pretty chic with cream-gray joggers, gray-blue sweater, and hooded denim anorak.

10. Black crop T-shirt and blush maxi skirt is always a nice combination. Add black slip-on shoes in white print.

11. Leopard print slip-on shoes make a wow statement. Add white button-down shirt, gray-white cape, and dark brown leather tote bag.

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