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17 Ways To Style Tie Neck Blouse

A blouse with a neck tie is an absolute fashion trend this year and you better know how to style it right. In today’s post, I gathered possible outfit ideas you can recreate this season. What kind of tie neck blouses are popular right now and how to wear them to look trendy, find out below. I personally love designs made of chiffon, silk, satin, lightweight wool and denim. The necktie can be colored in the same color as the blouse, or in opposite hue. You can find skinny, or voluminous neck ties. Speaking of blouse color, then everything depends on your personal style and the place where you want to wear it.

All in black? Yes, please! Solid black colored chiffon neck tie blouse can be tucked in coated black slim jeans. This dark neutral colored outfit can be complemented with cat face silhouette shaped black clutch bag. Add black leather ankle boots in colorful print with a cute cat.

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Midi Skirts With Ankle Boots: Simple And Easy To Copy Looks

This article describes simple and easy ways to wear midi skirts and ankle boots. This footwear looks great with almost every clothing bottoms. Ankle boots might be one of my favorite shoes, as I can easily pair them with jeans, shorts, and skirts. Today’s fashion world offers plenty of interesting ankle boot designs, starting from classic chunky heeled versions, lace-up classics, to pointed-toe Chelsea designs, cut-out must-tries, and embroidered options. Every shoe construction is unique by itself, that’s why I think it’s important to find out best ways how to make skirt and boots combination look harmonious and street-wear appropriate.

1. High-low bottom piece in cream-gray color can draw attention to your chosen camel ankle boots. Complete this casual outfit with white sleeveless top and dark blue leather jacket.

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What Tops To Wear With Boyfriend Jeans

If you start questioning yourself what are the best shirts and tops to pair with boyfriend jeans, then I do think you should have a look at the following outfit ideas you can copy this year. Your boyfriend jeans can be mixed and matched with various tops. You can still wear classic button-down shirts, sweaters, slouchy blouses, ruffle spaghetti strap tops, as well as many other functional and fun-looking designs.

1. For the ultimate seventies inspired look, mix pinstripe shirt with washed blue boyfriend jeans and peep-toe bright blue ankle boots. Add a printed fur collar jacket and navy-blue shoulder bag. Love the way how the lower part of these jeans are frayed and ripped.

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Looks To Copy: Printed Skirts With Ankle Boots

One of my favorite outfit combinations to wear this year is a printed skirt and ankle boots. This pretty chic combo ensures you look lean and special. Of course, finding the best ankle boots is essential and they are guaranteed to become your go-to footwear, but how to match them with a printed skirt is also a hard task. That’s why I am here to share with you easy ways to find a perfect balance to make sure you look just right. You can either create a bold statement or stay away from flirty skirts and throw on something classy and everyday appropriate, but keep your shoes less bright than your skirt. Embrace the new season with dreamy clothing combinations to surprise everyone around. Mastering the best proportion is a hard task, but everything is possible, my dear reader!

1. Plaid skirt and black leather Chelsea ankle boots combination look edgy and grunge inspired. You will need to add spaghetti strap cream-gray top, slouchy black cardigan and black leather backpack. A grungy vibe feels amazing!

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Knitted Dresses With Ankle Boots

This time I want to show you interesting ways how to wear a knitted dress (sweaterdress) with ankle boots. This style is cozy, casual and looks fabulous on every woman. Ankle boots and sweater dresses go hand in hand to give you a relaxed and classy look. I personally like this footwear for an edgy and modern appearance. I gathered different knitted dress designs including turtlenecks, sculpted sleeves, and sleeveless style choices. This is a versatile piece that can be worn in many different ways. Scroll through my favorite sweater dress and ankle boots outfit ideas below and choose your favorite style to try now.

  1. If it’s not so cold outside, then you definitely should try on a charcoal maxi dress and wear it under a black leather vest. Add peep-toe black leather ankle boots. If you want to see more ways how to wear sweater dresses this year, then I suggest reading my previous article.

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Ripped Jeans And Ankle Boots Outfit Ideas

If you are in search of new ways how to wear ripped jeans with ankle boots, then you definitely should take a look at these awesome outfit ideas below. A distressed denim is something that makes you stand out from the crowd. This pair of jeans is an absolute must-have that can easily underline your individuality and cool girl vibe. I personally choose ripped jeans to go rocker-chic, all I need is a pair of ripped jeans, edgy ankle boots, and leather jacket. To look awesome in distressed jeans and ankle boots, you need to remember to roll the cuff of your jeans above your shoes and the hem of skinny jeans should be folded inward. If you still wondering how to wear this combination together, then I am here to show you incredible ways to make this tricky look put-together.

1. Make a wow effect by teaming ripped washed blue jeans with peep-toe black leather ankle boots. Add white cable-knit sweater, draped dark camel jacket and tartan print handbag. The bag makes things look way more casual. Extra points for a black beanie.

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Black Dresses With Ankle Boots: Best Ideas To Copy

If you want to make a wow statement and feel comfort, then you should try on a black dress with ankle boots. This simple combination can keep you warm, make you look chic and feel comfortable. I’ve discovered many awesome ways how to make ankle boots look flattering with a black dress. You really should give a try to one of these combinations. I gathered incredible looks for casual gatherings and formal events. Every outfit will make you look special, just find the one that can ideally flatter your body. You don’t need to buy the exact pairs to create a great outfit, use the following ideas for your inspiration.

1. Make use of your favorite gray cardigan. Wear it over a black T-dress paired with daisy print black leather ankle boots. Complete this combination with silver Wayfarer sunglasses and black leather clutch bag.

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What Shorts To Wear With Ankle Boots

This time I want to show you best ways how to wear ankle boots with all kinds of shorts. Why do I love this footwear so much? For their versatility and awesome ways, you can style them. If you are sick and tired of your sandals and classic pumps, I do recommend to give your favorite ankle boots some love this Summer season. There are plenty of ways to wear this footwear during warm months and one of them is adding a pair of shorts. This outfit combo is a great way for freshening your hot weather look. The result is gonna make you stand out from the crowd and give you a nice street casual look. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new!

1. Washed blue denim shorts look simple and relaxed. Pair them with a white tank top and cream-gray cardigan. Complete this outfit with lace-up cream white flat ankle boots.

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Sweaters, Jeans And Ankle Boots: Must-Try Looks

In today’s article, I want to show you some of the best street style outfit ideas how to pair sweaters, jeans, and ankle boots. I gathered must-try combinations that are perfect for cold and windy days. Of course, the showcased outfits are great for casual walks on the town, as well as for road trips. As you can see, the styling possibilities are endless, but we all need a little inspiration to make things look right. I’ve come up with a number of fresh ways to style sweaters with jeans and boots. Frankly speaking, scrolling down all the possible looks, I came up to a conclusion that the simplicity is the key. It’s better to make things look relaxed. Take a close-up look at these combinations and let me know what you think in the comments below!

1. Modernize your casual outfit by wearing a white shirt with black and cream striped sweater, cuffed boyfriend jeans and black leather ankle boots. Finish your outfit off by adding a cute necklace.

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12 Ways To Make Striped Blouses Look Cute

In this post, we are going to see new ways how to make striped blouses look cute on you. Some say, stripes are not popular and lost their attractiveness. That’s not true! A striped top is still popular and you can use it as a twist to make your new look stand out in the crowd. This print will hide your body’s flaws and enhance the impression of elegance and femininity. A striped blouse is ideal for an everyday use, as well as for festive events. All striped blouses look original and unique. It will be an ideal addition to your wardrobe. You can never have too many striped blouses, that’s why I want to share with you 12 new ways how to wear a striped shirt in real life. Get inspired. Take a look at these outfit ideas and choose your favorites.

1. A cropped blue-white striped long-sleeve top is great for casual walks on the town. It ideally matches slim jeans, black leather bucket bag, and lace-up black leather army ankle-boots.

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