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How To Wear A Bodysuit With Jeans: 15 Ways To Do It Right

This article describes best ways how to wear bodysuit with jeans. Bodysuit will always underline your beautiful silhouette, no matter if you wear it with boyfriend jeans or skinnies. I know many women who are still confused on how to wear this combination in real life. You might have noticed a lot of bloggers wearing bodysuits with all kinds of denim bottoms. The result looks super sexy and refined. It’s important to find an appropriate style of jeans to define your waist and make this pairing work for multiple events, including simple street walks, date nights or night outs. Be sure to check out the following outfit ideas below.

1. Lace strapless bodysuit in black color looks minimalistic. Pair it with light blue regular jeans, black leather ankle boots, and Clubmaster sunglasses.

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How To Style Velvet Dresses

If you do love the luxe texture and you are obsessed with bohemian flair, then you do need to try on a velvet dress. The plush fabric makes you look and feel special, but you can make it work for every day by pairing with trendy silhouettes and casual essentials. The following article includes fancy outfit ideas that can easily underline your femininity and add a dramatic touch to any outfit. If you decided to wear a velvet dress, you should choose only one piece made of such fabric. I do like to see women who make this sophisticated fabric look more casual, by dressing it down with everyday basics, like bomber jackets, sweaters or simply choosing a velvet dress in a relaxed fit. Here are style tips on how to wear it in real life and easily make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Wear your long sleeve burgundy velvet dress with printed burgundy ankle boots and light brown leather shoulder bag to complete the look.

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How To Wear Knitted Dresses With Different Shoes

This article tells you what kind of shoes to wear with all kinds of knitted dresses. What unites all sweater dresses together? Their femininity, comfort, and warmth. Of course, you should choose the flattering style, so it can easily underline your body’s best features. Once you find the one that ideally suits your figure and style, then it’s time to choose an appropriate footwear. I prefer to show my pretty legs, that’s why I wear short and ankle-length boots. Anyway, you should always show some part of your legs skin. Your knitted dress shouldn’t overlay thigh-high boots. If you are going to wear tights, then I recommend to let your tights match your boots. It will make your legs appear visually a bit taller. Take a moment and find a knitted dress and footwear combination that can make you look chic and stylish.

1. Looking for a sexy knitted dress? Go for bondage style with long sleeves. Add a black sleeveless coat and cool black sneakers with gold embroidery.

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10 Different Shoes To Wear With Lace Dresses

The following article will show you 10 different footwear designs you can wear with a lace dress. There are lots of places where you can wear the lace dress. It can be used for office, cocktail parties, social events, as well as to romantic weddings, beach walks, concerts and music festivals. If you do want to add a sexual touch to your look, then you definitely should try on a lace frock. It can underline your best features, make you look sophisticated and unique. Lace makes a woman look brighter and elegant. You don’t need to add special accessories, as lace dress looks bright enough by itself. However, you do need to find an appropriate footwear that won’t spoil the whole look! The following collection shows you 10 different shoes you can add to your dress.

1. Pair your lace dress with long sleeves with a patent black clutch and black patent heeled pointed-toe pumps. This combination is ideal for holiday events.

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How To Wear Ankle Boots

If you are in search of a functional footwear, then you are on the right page, darling! I want to show you best possible ways how to wear ankle boots in your everyday life. These are ultimate pull-on-and go cold weather shoes. You either love them, or hate them. Ankle-boots will never let you down! Sure, creating all possible stylish outfits can be a little tricky. That’s why I decided to gather these street style images and show you best look to wear to the office, casual dinners, running errands and fancy parties. Yes, this footwear can be worn in just about any fashion situation. Ahead, I’ve rounded up handy tips and street style approved ways to wear ankle boots in real life. Read on to find out more.

Urban chic meets grunge! We see shearling aviator jacket worn atop chambray shirt teamed with cuffed dark blue slim jeans completed with deep brown leather ankle-boots and knitted beanie.

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How To Wear Dresses With Ankle Boots

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect outfit, then you should take a look at these awesome street style images. I gathered stunning ideas on how to wear dresses with ankle-boots. Go for heeled styles for work in an office environment, flat or chunky versions for perfect Weekend trips. The styling possibilities are numerous. I am sure, every lady can recreate each one of the showcased looks, all you need is to mix proportions and use just a bit of your imagination. In this street style compilation you are about to see my favorite bloggers and TV stars who appear in beautiful frocks completed with heeled and flat ankle-boots. Hope these ideas will inspire you. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

If the weather is warm, then why don’t you go for a black tank maxi dress styled with chunky heeled light brown ankle-boots. Complete this outfit by adding striped spacious handbag, big sunglasses and brimmed black hat.

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