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18 Ways To Accessorize Bohemian Dress

A boho style dress is considered to be one of the most popular choices in the world of fashion regardless of what is the season. Today’s article is dedicated to 18 ways how to accessorize such dress. It is no secret, a bohemian dress can be feminine, sophisticated and simple. It’s up to you, how you gonna dress it to impress everyone around! All styles can be characterized by a spacious appearance and a free movement. You can wear such dress with simple sandals, boots, suede ankle boots, or graceful heeled shoes. Your bag is an important part of your ensemble, that’s why you can either add a casual handbag made of real leather and embellished with fringes or underline your charm with a compact clutch.

1. A dark turquoise shift dress with long sleeves completed with ruffles looks sophisticated. Add beige pointed-toe pumps and quilted cream-beige clutch bag.

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How To Style Velvet Dresses

If you do love the luxe texture and you are obsessed with bohemian flair, then you do need to try on a velvet dress. The plush fabric makes you look and feel special, but you can make it work for every day by pairing with trendy silhouettes and casual essentials. The following article includes fancy outfit ideas that can easily underline your femininity and add a dramatic touch to any outfit. If you decided to wear a velvet dress, you should choose only one piece made of such fabric. I do like to see women who make this sophisticated fabric look more casual, by dressing it down with everyday basics, like bomber jackets, sweaters or simply choosing a velvet dress in a relaxed fit. Here are style tips on how to wear it in real life and easily make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Wear your long sleeve burgundy velvet dress with printed burgundy ankle boots and light brown leather shoulder bag to complete the look.

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How To Wear Leather Jackets With Boyfriend Jeans

This article is dedicated to women’s boyfriend jeans and how to wear them with leather jackets. Everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their closet. These pants are not only comfortable but also can be worn with completely any top and jacket. The boyfriend’s jeans look is brutal, mannish and edgy. These bottoms are used for wearing on the streets. Of course, they are not meant for office wear, but I use them for casual parties and for everyday use. There is nothing hard in creating urban-style outfit pairing leather jacket with boyfriend jeans. All you need is to find the right balance: let your jacket be slim-fit and choose the relaxed pair of jeans.

1. Acid washes light blue ripped boyfriend jeans ideally fit white tank top completed with black outlines and stripes. Add a black leather jacket and crispy white sneakers. Add black rounded sunglasses and a cool baseball cap.

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What Shoes To Wear With Floral Dresses

Everyone knows what floral dress is, but what shoes you can wear it with? This article will teach you how to select a perfect footwear so that you feel comfortable. You gonna stop nervous about thinking if your shoes suit your lovely floral dress or not. Today’s fashion world offers amazing footwear that can be easily combined with floral print dresses. If you want to look classy, then you definitely should choose footwear that ideally matches one of your floral dress print shades. If you can’t decide which one of print shades will be an ideal pairing to shoe color, then you can choose footwear that matches your jacket color. It is no secret, a floral dress will be in the center of everyone’s attention, that’s why shoes can sometimes “disappear” from people’s eyesight. Use harmonious combinations, don’t run crazy. Let your shoes be a nice complimentary to a floral dress.

1. This rose flower V-neck dress with long sleeves is meant for Autumn season. Style it with high-top lace-up combat boots in black suede. Add rounded sunglasses.

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How To Wear A Red Blazer

I looked for various ways how to wear red blazers this year, that’s why I gathered interesting outfit ideas. You can find here red blazers styled with cool pants and skirts. Red color by itself is bright and incredibly eye-catching, that’s why it can be used as a complimentary appearing on your accessories. But we are here to talk about blazers. It will make any outfit look elegant and fresh, no matter if you wear it with tailored pants, cute skirt or jeans. Before we move on describing best looks you can create with this fabulous blazer, I want you to remember several items that should be avoided for wearing a red suit jacket. Forget about adding red necklace, earrings or bracelets, this will only make you look perverse! In other words saying, once you put on a red blazer, it will become your best accessory and layering piece in one person. So, get on board and find out best outfit ideas you can create with this suit jacket.

1. A light red tailored suit jacket can be easily teamed with a leopard print blouse, washed blue jeans and ankle strap heeled sandals in cream-white color.

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How To Wear Knitted Dresses With Different Shoes

This article tells you what kind of shoes to wear with all kinds of knitted dresses. What unites all sweater dresses together? Their femininity, comfort, and warmth. Of course, you should choose the flattering style, so it can easily underline your body’s best features. Once you find the one that ideally suits your figure and style, then it’s time to choose an appropriate footwear. I prefer to show my pretty legs, that’s why I wear short and ankle-length boots. Anyway, you should always show some part of your legs skin. Your knitted dress shouldn’t overlay thigh-high boots. If you are going to wear tights, then I recommend to let your tights match your boots. It will make your legs appear visually a bit taller. Take a moment and find a knitted dress and footwear combination that can make you look chic and stylish.

1. Looking for a sexy knitted dress? Go for bondage style with long sleeves. Add a black sleeveless coat and cool black sneakers with gold embroidery.

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25 Ways To Style Dresses With Boots

In today’s article I want you to take a look through my favorite 25 ways to style dresses with boots. Some of you might think mastering skirt length to boot height can be pretty tricky, but it’s quite simple, as I’ve got awesome ideas how to make things look harmonized. Believe me, chilly weather is no excuse to give up wearing dresses. It’s time to flaunt your favorite dress with this cold season’s best boots. You are free to mix and match all kinds of dresses lengths with all boot heights.

Miranda Kerr appears in a fabulous look that consists of a white lightweight coat draped over abstract geometric print white dress with mid slit and black leather boots.

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What To Wear With Lace-Up Boots

I’ve got awesome style recipes for you tonight. In today’s blog post I want to show you my favorite ideas what to wear with lace-up boots. They are one of the biggest cold weather footwear trends you can wear this year. When I say lace-up boots, I mean wedges, ankle styles, military boots, platform heeled, moccasin booties that look boho inspired and many more. In other words saying, you can find numerous interesting designs that can be worn with basically anything. I know ladies who are afraid of wearing this footwear, as they are confused on how to style them right. Believe me, there are so many cute outfit ideas you can copy next week, all you need is a great style recipe. Scroll down to see my favorite looks.

We see burgundy lace-up combat boots worn with patterned black tights, floral skirt and salmon pink shirt worn under cream-white ribbed knit sweater.

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30 Ways To Wear Short Boots This Fall

Fall is an ideal season to start wearing boots. In today’s article we are about to see 30 ways how to wear short boots this Autumn season. There are thousands of gorgeous designs you can choose from, but it’s very hard to figure out how to wear and style them. I decided to share with you my favorite street style images where ladies appear in awesome Fall season outfits completed with all kinds of boots. These boots ideally work for casual, dressy and professional outfits. As you can see, outfit possibilities are endless. Scroll down to see different ways to style your favorite boots. Get inspired to bring out your favorite pair!

We see statement black leather slouchy shortened boots worn with black leathr slim pants, white shirt and black leather jacket.

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25 Fashion Tips For Looking Fabulous In Tall Boots

This cold season I recommend you to try on a pair of fabulous tall boots. This gorgeous footwear will make you look sexy, chic and modern. I decided to share with you 25 fashion tips for looking fabulous in tall boots. I gathered all kinds of designs in a variety of heights that will rock your look. The knee-high boots and the above-the-knee versions are easy enough to wear, all you need is to find the ones that match your style. Scroll down to see my favorite outfit ideas and let me know your thought s in the comments below.

We see a lovely cream-white turtleneck poncho atop white long-sleeve top in black stripes teamed with black leggings tucked in cream-white long socks worn with brown leather high boots.

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