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15 Beanies Styles To Celebrate Winter Season

Let’s talk about Winter season and how to be ready for cold months. In today’s blog post I am going to share with you my favorite 15 beanie styles to celebrate Winter months. Forget about cold ears situation, as we are about to see fun, knitted and urban friendly creations that are both functional and easy to style. Beanie is one of the best Winter purchases. You can wear it almost everyday with all your favorite tops, bottoms and outerwear pieces. One thing is very important to know: a good beanie is a crucial Fall shopping investment. Keep it simple and choose something that will underline your uniqueness. Anyway, I’ve got amazing designs for your pretty little head, all you need is to scroll down to see some of my favorites.

Keep it fun and sweet. Go for a stylish cream white beanie embellished with stones.

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What Bags To Wear This Winter

It’s winter baby, so you better be ready for it! Today’s post is all about my favorite Winter bags to wear in your everyday street walks, as well as to parties and work. You are about to see statement must-haves, including fur creations, spacious handbags, metallic hue clutches, structured totes, bold colors, fur clutches, vintage purses, etc. I am pretty sure, each one of these statement bags will jazz up your winter wardrobe. I never seen so many interesting styles before. Believe me, each one of these creations is a perfect finishing touch for any outfit. I see many new designers who bring fresh new ideas, by offering us exciting purses, clutches and everyday bags completed with incredible embellishments and details. Personally, I am in love with all these furry creations. Anyway, let’s have a look through all these street style images and find our favorites.

Make a real statement by wearing this matte black leather tote bag. It looks awesome with casual, as well as with office style outfits.

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How To Wear Crop Tops In Winter

Don’t say goodbye to your favorite Summer clothes at the end of a hot season. Believe me, there are lots ways how to make them look awesome during coldest months. Today’s post is all about crop tops and how to wear them in Winter. It seems to me, this style will never go out of fashion. There are so many interesting looks you can create with this sexy garment. You should play with proportions. Just think of high-waisted pants, long jackets, shirts worn underneath, etc. You can wear it in so many different ways and look outstanding. Here are few ideas to wear cropped tops this Winter. Scroll down to see more.

A maxi draped cardigan is styled with a black crop top and black high-waisted skinny pants. Complete this outfit by adding black wide-brim hat, furry clutch and sexy heels.

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15 Ways To Style Your Maxi Dresses For Fall

Keep it fresh, ladylike and chic. In today’s article I decided to show you 15 ways on how to style your maxi dress this fall season. Why should you pack away your cute maxi gown if Summer is gone? There are loads of ideas on how to make maxi gown look sexy on you even if the weather is chilly or windy. Why do I like maxi so much? They are comfortable, flattering and surprisingly versatile.

A deep purple maxi gown looks awesome styled with black leather jacket and fingerless leather gloves.

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10 Ways To Wear Shorts In Winter

Let’s speak about cold season weather and best outfit ideas to wear during Winter time. In today’s post you are about to see 10 ways on how to wear shorts in Winter. I know many ladies who think that wearing shorts during cold months is a big no no! But, everything is possible, my dear reader! You are free to pull off these bottoms during cold, snowy and windy days.

Lady appears on the streets wearing cozy white tight sweater paired with printed quirky shorts, over-the-knee black socks tucked in multi-buckled black leather ankle-boots.

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How To Wear Denim Shorts In Winter

It’s time to speak about cold weather. In today’s blog post I want to share with you my favorite ideas on how to wear denim shorts this Winter season. Say goodbye to bikinis, swimsuits and lightweight dresses. But don’t be too quick in discounting all your Summer apparel. There are still lots of awesome wardrobe staples that can be be still used during cold weather months. One of them are denim shorts. This cool bottom piece can be paired with black tights and leather jackets. This year denim shorts gonna be a huge trend. You are free to create stunning and creative looks by adding these comfy and sexy-looking bottoms.

We see a perfect daytime casual look that consists of a black leather jacket, knitted sweater, light wash denim shorts, black tights and cool block heel short boots. Complete this outfit by adding aviator sunglasses and ribbed knit wrap scarf.

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Best Accessories Trends For Winter

Every year we see something new and trendy. The same thing concerns accessories. In today’s post we are about to see best accessories trends to wear this Winter. In this compilation I gathered statement necklaces, embroidered clutches, brimmed hats, printed scarves, eye-catching bracelets, arm parties, fur stoles, vibrant brooches, functional umbrellas, gum boots, cool beanies, etc. I have noticed well defined trends that are going to make you look and feel unique and individual. I was so impressed to see them all on the streets. I really hope these outfit ideas will inspire your future outfit. I am thrilled to share with you shimmering accessories, fur creations and modern details that will always underline your individuality. I would be honored to know your own thoughts in the comments below. Anyway, here is your guide to the best accessories trends of cold season months.

This lady looks incredibly gorgeous wearing a red sweater, tulle white knee skirt, red heels embellished with bows, silvery neckpiece and shiny sequined silver clutch.

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34 Ways to Wear a Classic Camel Coat This Fall

Today’s post consists of my favorite camel coats that are so must-have to wear this year. If you want to achieve both sophisticated and simple look, then you should give a try to this marvelous outerwear piece. In this compilation are gathered my favorite street style looks where ladies appear in beautiful camel coats. I am going to give you some ideas and tips on how to wear these beautiful garments in real life. Anyway, read on to find out more and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

As you can see, this camel wool coat is a great savior during winter season months. Lady appears in a stylish structured design that is worn with a cozy sweater, slim jeans and Uggs.

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