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What Dresses To Wear To The Beach

How to become a queen of the beach? It’s quite easy, all you need is a perfect Summer dress that can be worn to the beach. After all, a simple walk to the seaside can end up in some kind of adventure! That’s why you need a perfect look that is both great for a beach walk and romantic dinner. You will need a nice dress that can emphasize your best assets and hide areas you don’t want to show. It has to be comfortable, easily pulled on and off, as well as dry quickly. This year we can wear maxi gowns as well as loose-fit tunics with wide sleeves. Speaking of possible fabrics, I recommend buying dresses made of cotton, chiffon or silk. By the way, knitted crochet frocks look incredibly chic! If you do want to look stylish, then you definitely should give a try to printed or bright colored dress. You can still find florals, animal prints, nautical motives, as well as basic T-dresses. Take a moment and find something that can brighten up your summer season.

1. Keep it simple and pair your striped spaghetti strap dress with cute pom-poms embellished sandals, chevron print wide-brim hat, and a straw bucket bag.

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Winter Hats Trends And Styles For Ladies

I think we should talk about Winter season. Sooner or later it’s gonna be cold, that’s why we all should buy Winter hats. In today’s blog post I decided to share with you my favorite hats trends and styles for ladies. I gathered all kinds of designs, including fedoras, beanies with veils, trapper hats, leather baseball caps, wool floppy hats, braided turbans, etc. Each one of these headwear trends is gonna make you look chic, sophisticated and glamour. Here are gathered all kinds of street style images featuring ladies who sport awesome winter hats. The brimmed styles appear in a multitude of colors, sizes and details. Whilst beanies come in different knit sizes, as well as embellished with pom poms, ears and even veils. My favorite ones are trapper hats. Anyway, I am here to show you incredibly chic and functional hats you can wear all Winter season long. Scroll down to find out more and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

That’s a cool gray baseball cap embellished with stones.

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Summer Bohemian Hats For Boho Chic

Summer is here and you better be ready to show off your unique style! I want to share with you my favorite bohemian hats outfit ideas. In this street style collection are gathered my favorite boho chic hats, including trendy fedoras, floppies, straw hats, cowboy styles, panamas, etc. Bohemian look is all about layering and wearing frivolous clothing combos that can easily reflect your unique character, that’s why each one of these headwear pieces is going to be your go-to accessory during hot season.

Bohemian abstract print matching set that consists of a cropped sleeveless top and high-waisted shorts is a perfect combo completed with brimmed black hat, leather black jacket and ankle-boots in black leather.

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Women’s Hats Styles We Are Dying To Wear

Hat is an accessory that can easily complement just about any outfit. In today’s article I decided to share with you an awesome collection of women’s hats style that will underline your individuality and beauty. There are lots of great headwear designs you can find in stores right now, starting from party hats, bandanas, headwraps to fedoras, baseball caps and floppy hats. This is an ideal finishing touch that can easily make you stand out from the crowd. The following guide comes with functional and fashionable hat styles, all you need is to choose your favorite. Trust me, these creations will easily add personality to your look. Scroll down for inspiration and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Kate Middleton appears in a pastel pink outfit that consists of lovely 3/4 sleeved coat, nude pumps and cute hat.

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Fedora Hat Looks And Outfit Ideas

In search for a timeless hat that will underline your individuality and make you look refined and chic? If so, then I am here to show you best fedora hats and outfit ideas. This pretty headwear can be worn in different ways. All you need is to choose the right size, texture and color. Speaking of fedoras size, then you should either measure your head or try different sizes before purchasing, make sure it doesn’t leave red mark around your forehead or fall down around your ears. My personal suggestion is to choose neutral colored design, like black, grey, camel or dark purple, emerald and brown. If you want your fedora to be the focal point of your outfit, then you better choose the one in bright color. Personally, I love this hat for its versatility, as you can either dress it up with a glamour and sexy dress, or keep it casual with ripped denim, leather jacket and flannel shirts. Anyway, let’s discover awesome ways how to wear fedora hats and look gorgeous.

We see a black fedora worn with a striped long-sleeve top tucked in straight cut jeans.

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What To Wear With Wide-Brim Hats

I think everyone adores wide brim hats! This beautiful headwear can be paired with boho outfits, minimalist pantsuits, Tomboy, normcore and 1970’s inspired looks. In other words saying, this statement hat is an easiest way to shake up any outfit. Believe me, you can add an extra intrigue to your outfit by wearing one of these creations on your head. In today’s blog post I am going to share with you so many great ideas on what to wear with a wide-brim hat. You might think it’s a joke, but the wider is your hat, the better. In this collection I gathered floppy felt styles, as well as more structured hats.

We see a wide-brim semi-sheer black hat embroidered with feather looks gorgeous. Try it on evening gowns and formal separates.

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How To Wear a Beret – Parisian Style Inspiration

In love with Parisian chic style? If so, then I am here to share with you an awesome street style compilation of my favorite ways how to wear berets in real life. Like it or not, but beret is a cliche symbol of Parisian style. Personally, I associate this hat with military, but most of us automatically think of France when we see this type of headgear in town. Most of these head toppers are made of wool fabric. I like this type of hat for its original look that makes a real statement at any place. By the way, there are thousands of style icons who were spotted in this pretty accessory.

We see a girl who is clad fully in black outfit. She is wearing a pom pom knitted black beret, wrap knitted scarf, black leather jacket, sexy tights, knee-high black socks and urban casual black boots.

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