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10 Cool Ways to Style a Leather Jacket

When it comes to basics, one outerwear piece pops up in my mind and it’s a leather jacket. In today’s blog post I gathered 10 cool ways to style a leather jacket. In recent years, this versatile topper become the stereotypical uniform for ladies to underline their model off-duty look. Trust me, this stunning jacket will take you from late summer dates to the chilly early fall working days. By the way, this topper works extremely well with other basics, like simple tees, black pants, jeans and sneakers. Leather jacket can look completely different, all depends on how it is styled. With that in mind, I gathered my favorite outfit ideas completed with this edgy looking outerwear piece. Need some new inspirational images for this year? Scroll down to see different ways how to make this gorgeous topper be your best friend.

10 Cool Ways to Style a Leather Jacket 2021

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We see a beautiful young lady clad in a black leather biker style jacket styled with black skinnies, ankle-length black leather boots, cheetah print shoulder bag and knitted cherry red beanie with a cute pom-pom.

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25 Ways To Wear Power Pantsuits

What I love the most about pantsuits is the beauty that makes any woman look dressy and sophisticated. In today’s blog post I want to share with you 25 ways how to wear power pantsuits. Forget about boring office attire and try on something powerful, bold and polished. In this street style collection are gathered ultimate girlboss formal outfits that look both classy and smart. I gathered all kind of designs, including the ones in bright colors, creative cuts, funky prints, as well as in neutral shades and comfortable fits. It’s official, power suits are back in a big way. This year, designers pushed tailoring out front and center, offering us business uniforms that are both versatile and easy to wear. All in all, it’s time to check out inspiring power pantsuits that can make you feel and look awesome!

25 Ways To Wear Power Pantsuits 2021

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A slim-fit pastel blue pantsuit is worn with a black top and mary janes.

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How To Style: Women’s Casual Jackets

Hello everyone! That’s me and I want you to have a look at my favorite street style images where ladies appear in casual jackets. You gonna know how to make women’s casual outerwear pieces look cool, stylish and feel comfy. The dressed down era is here, so you better be ready to rock casual jackets. I want to highlight my favorite ways how to wear it in real life. The design of casual jacket may vary in so many ways. Once you try it on, you never take it off. I see lots of young ladies who have already adapted these jackets for daily street walks. I’ve came up with my favorite designs you can try right now. Scroll down to check my favorite looks.

How To Style: Women's Casual Jackets 2021

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We see a relaxed fit black coat with a high neck worn atop neon green sweater paired with leather mini skirt, black tights and ankle-boots in black suede.

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How To Wear Blazers On The Streets

This time we are going to talk about tried-and-true blazers and how to wear them on the streets. You are free to create all kinds of looks, starting from office style to cool cocktail party outfit. A modern blazer comes with endless outfit ideas. This layering piece can be worn atop jumpsuits, button-front shirts, sweaters, cardigans, simple tees and blouses. This uniform is an ideal choice to make your everyday outfits look refined and classy. A classic suit jacket will add a sleek finishing touch to any outfit.

How To Wear Blazers On The Streets 2021

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The white blazer is a chic piece to make your dark outfit stand out. Wear it with a pair of boyfriend jeans and black T-shirt or try it atop velvet black jumpsuit.

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Trend Report: Printed Jackets For Women

In search of something special this year? If so, then you better give a try to printed jackets! It can be either blazer, bomber, trench, short coat or any other printed jacket that can add extra oomph to any outfit. Speaking of prints, then you are free to choose whatever you like, starting from tribal, animal spots, florals to abstract patterns and geometrics. Some say it can be quite challenging to make this outerwear piece look refined and balanced on you. Trust me, this is a versatile garment, and there will be no problem to work it with the clothes you already have in your closet.

Trend Report: Printed Jackets For Women 2021

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This tweed jacket in Aztec print gonna make you look fabulous. Try it on atop your favorite dark blue dress and complete your outfit by adding tribal print clutch.

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What Kind Of Jacket To Wear To Work

Nothing kills an outfit faster than a misplaced outerwear. In today’s blog post I want to show you my favorite jackets to wear to work. In this collection are gathered awesome styles that easily add an authority to any outfit. Trust me, these jackets will instantly change your professional appearance and make you look refined and delicate. I looked for jackets and blazers for every season and style, so you can easily adapt each one of these creations to your work, everyday walks, all kinds of parties and gatherings. By the way, all these jackets can be easily styled with dresses, smart shirts, trousers, skirts and shorts. You gonna be amazed to see so many fresh and modern outerwear pieces in lively colors and prints. There is a range of styles you can go after, all you need is to choose your favorite one.

What Kind Of Jacket To Wear To Work 2021

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We see a layered outfit that consists of a cream-beige tailored coat draped over furry vest, tweed blazer styled with a black blouse and mustard skirt completed with lace-up ankle-boots.

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Skirt Suits Designs For Work

First impressions are very important, that’s why if you want to dress to impress, then you better take a close up look at these inspiring skirt suits designs for work that will underline your individuality and make you look professional. I am 100% sure, each one of these looks will formulate a positive vibe and make you stand out. We all know that fashions come and go, but style remains. This year is great for all kinds of experimentations, you are free to try bright prints, mismatched colors, fancy accessories and jewelry, as well as sexy details. All in all, here is a guide to make sure you choose a stunning outfit for your working hours. Scroll down to find out more.

Skirt Suits Designs For Work 2021

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Keep it all in white! Go for a structured white suit jacket, white shirt and asymmetric wrap tight skirt.

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Statement Jackets Outfits To Get You Inspired

All you need is a good, statement jacket! Believe me, a gorgeous outerwear can add so much to your look, plus it easily turns plain clothes into stunning outfit. Consider a statement topper to be any jacket with pattern, color or embellishments. You can wear it with everything you’ve got in your closet, starting from classic black jumpsuits, basic separates, like jeans and tees, dresses to fancy night-out and date night looks. If you feel like your look misses something, the best finishing touch would be an eye-catching topper. Don’t shy away and take a cloe up look through this stunning selection of statement jackets to get you inspired.

Statement Jackets Outfits To Get You Inspired 2021

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Silvery sequined shiny jacket looks simple and relaxed. Try it on with your favorite white pants.

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Fancy Blazers Outfit Ideas

A fancy blazer should be a staple in every young lady’s wardrobe. This go-to piece can be worn to glamour parties, as well as on the streets. No matter how casual your outfit is, once you pull off blazer, it dresses up your look and adds a sophisticated feeling. Personally, I like blazers for their structured appearance. All you need is to find your favorite print and color. Believe me, blazers will become one of your favorite pieces in your wardrobe. As you can see from the images below, modern suit jackets come in lots of styles and fits. Here are shown the most inspiring looks completed with gorgeous blazers.

Fancy Blazers Outfit Ideas 2021

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Golden sequined draped blazer will always make your black romper look sexy and modern, all you need is to add classic black matte pumps and golden jewelry.

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Women’s Suits Designs And How To Wear Them

How about making a real statement, no matter where you are? This time I want to share with you an awesome street style collection of women who appear in different suit designs. Sure, it can be quite tricky for ladies to find a great suit, but it’s worth every penny of your time. In this collection I wanted to gather all my favorite designs that for sure will help you get started. You are about to see conservative essentials, creative tuxedo dresses, menswear inspired essentials, mismatched basics, smart-casual separates, sporty styles, as well as retro inspired must-haves. Show your personality through your clothes, by wearing comfy suits in a variety of styles.

Women's Suits Designs And How To Wear Them 2021

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Young lady appears in a white asymmetric tuxedo dress. The outfit is completed thanks to pointed-toe heeled strappy ankle-boots and oversized black sunglasses.

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