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What Accessories Make You Look Rich

Let’s talk about your look. In today’s blog post I want to discuss one simple thing: what things make you look expensive. I mean, what accessories can make women look rich. You are about to see cool eyeglasses trends, eye-catching jewelry, shoes and purses. You don’t have to be a millionaire in order look like one. Thanks to fashion stylists, fashionistas and celebs we know plenty of simple hacks when it comes to keeping your look expensive. Read on to know tips to help you look amazing.

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30 Ways To Style Chunky Necklaces

How to dress your neck? Hello my dear fashion ladies! It’s time to take a look at my favorite 30 ways to style chunky necklaces. This beautiful addition will make a perfect statement to your overall look. This is a seriously stylish piece of jewelry that makes you look and feel very special. Today’s fashion offers a large amount of beautiful necklaces.

30 Ways To Style Chunky Necklaces 2023

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This marvelous embellished necklace dresses up a simple long-sleeve white top. Complete this look by adding fur vest, burgundy skinny jeans and glossy cherry red pumps.

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Necklaces For Work And Casual Day Offs

In today’s article I want to talk about necklaces for work and causal day offs. You are going to see classic and modern outfits completed with fancy jewelry creations. Necklaces are the key to rounding out your look. Many fashion brands offer its clientèle chunky, oversized or thin styles that look and feel very special.

Necklaces For Work And Casual Day Offs 2023

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Wooden necklace is a perfect addition to your casual outfit. Try it on with a striped T-shirt tucked in yellow brush stroke printed A-line skirt.

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Statement Necklaces

It’s time to go for the bold and statement necklaces that can easily make you stands out. Today’s blog post is dedicated to my favorite jewelry called necklaces. You are about to see stunning designs and best ways how to wear them this year. I gathered must-have pieces, like chunky floral necklaces, multi-row chains, sparkling diamonds, as well as classic gold and silver-plated pieces that will ideally suit your working week and special parties. This marvelous collection is filled with colorful jewelry designs that can easily underline your personal style.

Statement Necklaces 2023

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Young lady with a bob haircut is wearing a pretty pastel colored drop earrings and floral necklace with gold chunky chain.

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Bohemian Necklaces For Music Festival Lovers

Complete your music festival look by adding bohemian necklaces. In this beautiful street style collection are gathered all kinds of boho-luxe jewelry designs. Tribal trend will make you look both stunning and sophisticated. You gonna find colorful Aztec inspired styles, beaded layered chain designs, as well as vibrant leather necklaces. Trust me, these marvelous and uber-stylish jewelry pieces can be worn from simple day street walks to music festivals. Personally, I think every single necklace showcased in this collection looks boho chic, as well as hippie and romantic. Anyway, scroll down to find awesome necklaces that will complete your Coachella outfit.

Bohemian Necklaces For Music Festival Lovers 2023

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This gorgeous white caftan maxi dress in lace embroidery is completed with layered necklaces.

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20 Ideas How To Wear A Choker

I am here to share with you 20 ideas how to wear chokers. This beautiful addition will give a perfect luxe touch to any outfit. In this street style collection you gonna find grunge inspired black designs, shirt collar styles, as well as the ones made of metal, leather or cotton. This necklace is an easy-to-wear accessory that can easily underline wearer’s individuality and make her stand-out from the crowd. Choker can be worn as a layering jewelry. I see lots of ladies who layer chokers with long beaded and chain necklaces, or sport them over turtlenecks. Anyway, let’s have a look at some of the best street style looks completed with this beautiful jewelry.

20 Ideas How To Wear A Choker 2023

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That’s what I call grunge meets Goth. Lady appears in all black outfit completed with a sexy black choker.

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What Are The Best Necklaces to Wear Now

Hello my dear friends! This time we are going to talk about best necklace to wear now. In this blog post I want to share with you my favorite jewelry designs that are trending right now. This year’s must-have styles can be divided into two categories, the ones that are statement and the other ones that look statement. The first category is the one that stands out and makes your basic outfit look glamour, whilst delicate necklaces can add an effortless beauty to your elegant ensemble and make you look put-together. Personally, I love this jewelry for a very special and exclusive finishing touch. Another great thing about necklaces is that you can wear it with pretty much everything, for any occasion. Scroll down to see my favorite designs and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

What Are The Best Necklaces to Wear Now 2023

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If you are one of those ladies who wants to make a real statement on the streets, then I recommend to try on this gorgeous outfit that features a layered chunky chain necklace worn atop white blazer styled with white shirt tucked in black-white checkered tulip layered skirt.

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Beautiful Earrings To Wear Now

This season, it’s all about beautiful JEWELRY! I am here today to share with you beautiful earrings to wear now. Think of pearl earrings, hoops, studs, statement big ones, gold and diamond drop styles, statement chandelier earrings, mismatched and others. This season is all about mixed metals, sparkles and dangling designs that are ideal for adding a drama to your outfit.

Beautiful Earrings To Wear Now 2023

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This pearl earring gonna make you look dressy and timelessly chic.

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How To Wear Jewelry

If you do want to make an impression on everyone around, then I guess it’s time to buy statement jewelry. In today’s blog post I am going to show you best ways how to wear jewelry this year. All these striking designs provide its wearer with elegance, beauty and sexiness. Let it be bold and stylishly cool. Of course, there should be a story behind each jewelry piece. Go for an attention-grabbing designs to underline your individuality. Of course, you need just one or two pieces to make your whole outfit stand out. You can either go for a one striking design, or combine well-coordinated accessories to create a perfect balance. In this collection are gathered chunky bright necklaces, cocktail rings, thick bracelets, amazing earrings, crowns, and other statement items in various shapes, designs and colors. I am pretty sure, there will be no problem to brighten up your outfit by adding one of these pieces.

How To Wear Jewelry 2023

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We see beautiful stacked golden rings and amazing turquoise-emerald stone.

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Jewelry Trends To Follow This Year

If you want to enhance your look, I found a perfect addition that will drastically change your outfit. Yes, I am talking about jewelry trends to follow this year. I gathered some guidelines, tips and ideas you can follow in order to look your best. We see so many interesting and unique designs that can be paired with a variety of outfits (from work separates to evening dresses) making them look chic and glamour. Believe me, each one of these styles will compliment your skin and give your look a much needed boost. You gonna see look-at-me rings, bib necklaces, gold cuffs, body chains, boho bracelets, chokers, floral crowns, brooches, eye-catchy earrings and pearl necklaces. I gathered stunning designs for every budget, starting from low priced eye-catchy must-haves to expensive red carpet jewelries. Here are some of the trends to try this year.

Jewelry Trends To Follow This Year 2023

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That’s a statement chunky arm party bracelet embellished with stones.

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