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What Color Shoes Go With Metallic Dresses

This year we see a comeback of metallic dresses. This shiny wardrobe piece is designed for women who want to underline their sexiness. In this article, I am going to show you what color shoes you can choose to wear with metallic dresses. What does really matters in a finding an appropriate footwear for a metallic dress is the right balance. Bright frocks unwittingly draw attention to its wearer, that’s why you should go for neutral color shoes. If you are a beginner to this trend, then there are dresses completed with shiny metallic sequin decorations that appear as a pattern. Make sure to wear footwear that doesn’t attract more attention than your dress. Don’t be afraid to wear two-tone shoes. Avoid shiny heels, it will only ruin your outfit’s balance, that’s why I recommend sticking to neutral classics.

What Color Shoes Go With Metallic Dresses 2023

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1. The cool thing about silver and blue sequined V-neck spaghetti strap cocktail dress are that it looks great with almost any footwear design. If you are a beginner to sequins trend, then you definitely should go for black ankle-boots. They are simple neutrals.

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