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Mini Skirts And Ankle Boots: Best Ways To Wear It Now

This article shows us great outfit ideas completed with mini skirts and ankle boots. This combination works well on many women, all you need is to find an appropriate top and footwear. Ankle boots are considered to be universal shoes, as you can easily combine them with pretty much anything. Of course, if you are plus sized with fat legs or an older lady, then you probably should avoid wearing this combination, otherwise, it will make you look provocative. If you are a young woman with slender legs, then you definitely should give this combo a try!

A black pleated mini skirt looks flirty. You can wear it during Autumn months, just add black tights and black heeled ankle boots. Keep it dressy with a gray-white sweater and blush tailored coat.

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Neon Skirts Trend How To Wear Them

The following collection is dedicated to neon skirts trend and how to wear them in real life this year. This bottom piece can be an ideal match for wearing with T-shirts, blouses, with all kind of jackets and sweaters. You can safely combine it with different colors, starting from neutrals to bright ones, like red, blue, yellow, pink, orange and purple. Make your neon skirt outfit more attractive by adding sexy heels. Every season offers us lots of different neon skirt designs, starting from Maxis to midis and minis. I guess it’s time to play with contrasts, all you need is to choose the skirt that suits your figure and style. You should try to balance your new look, intelligently combining colors and shades. The half of my closet consists of neon color clothes. Yes, it’s my personal fetish! I do recommend to get inspired by the following outfit ideas.

1. The neon pink pleated skirt looks ideal with black lace top with spaghetti straps or with a white sweater in floral print. Add nude pumps or keep things sexy with a pair of black high-heeled sandals.

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Beach Skirts To Wear This Summer

Beach skirt is considered to be one of the most important essentials for women during the Summertime. The variety of their styles drives me crazy. The practicality of this clothing staple makes it work with lots of tops, tunics, as well as with bikini tops. You can either match colors of top and skirt or choose a mismatched combination. Traditionally, when someone speaks about beach skirts, I automatically imagine myself a maxi lightweight skirt, but this year we can find mini skirts made of different materials, starting from chiffon, linen, lace to denim. Below are gathered incredible beach outfit ideas completed with my favorite Summer skirts.

1. Keep it simple with a maxi white skirt in floral print, pastel turquoise bra top, cream-white kimono and blush sandals. Trust me, you can never go wrong with this look! Just add floppy hat, gray-white tote bag, and classic aviator shades.

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30 Ways To Wear A Mini Skirt In Winter

Let’s speak about minis! I gathered my favorite 30 ways to wear a mini skirt in Winter season. Many of you confused and wondering how to wear skirts in cold season months, that’s why you hide your short bottoms in closets till warm times. I think there is no need doing that. Why? No matter how cold the weather is that doesn’t mean you should not wear skirts or dresses.

A classic striped top embellished with sequins is worn with a black blazer and cream-white feathery mini skirt and lace-up heeled sandals.

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How To Wear Mini Skirts – 15 Outfit Ideas

I think mini skirt is he most sexiest bottom piece known in the world of fashion. It’s a versatile piece that can be paired with your favorite summer tees, shirts, crop tops, chambray shirts, denim jackets, as well as with cold weather essentials. In other words saying, mini skirt is an item you can wear all year round and it fits almost everything you’ve got in your closet. Here are gathered inspiring outfit ideas for those ladies who want to put together an ideal outfit.

Here we see a quilted high-waisted black mini A-line skirt styled with black tights tucked in black ankle-boots. Complete this outfit by adding black leather jacket and plaid scarf.

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Cool Outfit Ideas With Mini Skirts

How far can you go with a mini skirt? Hello my dear fashion readers. In today’s blog post I am going to share with you cool outfit ideas with mini skirts. This sexy bottom garment is an ideal piece to show-off your beautiful legs. I want you to take a close up look at these pretty combos that can be worn on the streets, at airports, during work hours, various parties and brunches. What I love about mini skirts is the versatility that allows you to wear them with almost any tops, accessories and jewelry. This clothing piece is having a major moment in the world of fashion right now. Scroll down to see an ultimate guide for how to wear mini skirts this season. Check out these images to get inspired and let me know what you think of these cool ideas in the comments below.

That’s a cute cream-beige suede sleeveless top paired with high-low white skirt.

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20 Ways To Wear Black Mini Skirts

These 20 ways gonna prove you can wear black mini skirts with style. I think ever lady still appreciates the allure of a mini. Like it or not, but we are having a return of this skirt style. This sexy bottom garment looks perfect with just about anything, starting from button-down shirts to sophisticated blouses and sweaters. Trust me, worn correctly, mini skirts can look hot, rich and sexy. I gathered various lengths of mini skirts, starting from micro mini to conservative short styles. Just imagine yourself in a black mini with bare legs, the result looks hot and chic. Scroll down to see my favorite ways how to wear minis in your everyday life.

Go for a sheer blue blouse and tuck it inside black mini skirt with front zip-closure. Complete this look by adding black tights and suede pointed-toe heels.

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How to Wear a Mini Skirt

I guess it’s time to speak about minis! In today’s blog post I want you to have a look at my favorite ways how to wear a mini skirt this year. I tried to gather all my favorite styles, including denim front buttoned ones, full skirts, tweed, crochet, velvet, circle, etc. They key of wearing minis is to create a proportional silhouette. It’s no secret to anyone, miniskirts got a bad rap a long time ago, as their hemlines were inappropriate for certain settings. Thanks to modern fashion, there are lots of different ways how to make this bottom garment look chic on us. It’s very important to balance your outfit. In this collection I gathered few tips and ideas how to style this pretty piece and make it look flirty and ladylike.

Mini grey skirt in isle print looks awesome with a burgundy top and hoodie. The outfit is completed thanks to grey ankle-boots.

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Printed Mini Skirt Outfit Ideas

I know many ladies who want to look sexy and eye-catchy. Wearing a printed mini skirt can make this outcome, all you need is to style it right way. Today’s article features my favorite outfit ideas with printed mini skirts. The main idea of wearing this sexy garment is to feel comfortable and look fancy, not vulgar or perverse. I think minis are like bras, so you better think twice before you dress it up. If you want to wear miniskirt without feeling yourself naked, then you better take a look through this street style collection of ladies wearing printed minis in their everyday lives.

Mini tartan flared skirt will definitely match your favorite grey pullover in white polka dots. Complete this look by adding ankle-boots in black leather and stylish parka.

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