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22 Lovely Dresses For Work: How To Style Them The Right Way

Every woman wants to look special during office hours and today I bring a great collection of work-appropriate dresses to your attention. You need a frock that can easily emphasize its wearer’s femininity and elegance. Before choosing one of these designs, you need to know the details of your office dress code.

Wrap dress in dark blue color will be a great choice to wear during office hours. Complete this look with a pair of matching color suede booties and red tailored coat. Don’t forget to add black leather handbag and black eyeglasses.

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Women’s Business Bags & Work Bags

What bag is ideal for both work and play? Today I am here to share with you women’s business and work bags that will ideally match your office outfit and cocktail evening looks. Of course, every lady will agree with me: finding a qualitative and functional purse for a good price is something like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, am I right? I guess so! Believe me, everything is possible, as there are plenty of affordable options in leather and other luxe fabrics.

We see a pretty cream beige bucket bag worn with V-neck white sweater and asymmetric cut wrap cream-white skirt.

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Cute Work Dresses

Today’s post is about cute work dresses and how to look both professional and ladylike by wearing them from Mondays to Fridays. I am 100% sure, you gonna be wowed to see all these office-ready ensembles. Like it or not, but women are judged by the way they look. Woman’s outfit equates her ability to lead. It’s time to show-off your success by wearing comfortable and elegant work clothes. Of course, everything depends on your personal choice and taste. You can either choose contemporary designs with interesting cuts and embroideries, or keep things refined by wearing classic frocks. Hope you all got your credit cards locked and loaded, as we are about to take a look through my favorite office dresses designs.

This contemporary sleeveless frock comes with a fitted silhouette and angled cuts. Try on this multicolored outfit by wearing it with classic black pumps.

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Cute Blouses For Work And How To Wear Them

I am always on the hunt for beautiful office wardrobe. I think it’s time to discover cute blouses for work. In this compilation are gathered my favorite ways how to wear all kinds of blouses to the office. You are about to see amazing designs that are appropriate for ladies who want to look business chic from 9 to 5. Believe me, there are lots of great blouses to choose from. A simple blouse can basically turn anything into an outfit, all you need is to use just a bit of your imagination. You are free to wear it with a sexy pencil skirt, classic slim fitted jeans and trousers. Scroll down to see best ways how to incorporate blouses into your workplace wardrobe.

Bell-sleeved white blouse is tucked in high-waisted dark blue printed midi skirt.

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How To Wear A Belt To The Office

In belts we trust! Hello fashion addicted ladies, we are here today to see my favorite ways how to wear belts to the office. Do you wear belts at work? If yes, then you better see all these stunning outfit ideas that feature all kinds of belt designs, including skinny, wide, embellished and other great styles. Why should we wear belts to work? Personally, I think it’s all about defining our waists and adding some uniqueness to our outfits.

We see grey fitted sweater tucked in classic grey skirt completed with a woven brown leather belt.

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How To Wear Vests To Work

Spotted on the runways and streets, the vest is a must-have piece at work. Today’s article is about best ways on how to wear vests to work. Why do we love this garment so much? It’s versatile, fashionable and easy to style. My personal favorites are tuxedo inspired long vests, but you can think of relaxed-fit alternatives that are still great for corporate work environments. I think long sleeveless jackets are extremely interesting garments you can wear from mornings to late evenings.

Here we see lady who poses in a pinstripe light-grey long tailored vest that is worn atop white top teamed with a pleated knee-length skirt and chic lace-up loafers with see-through plastic block heels.

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How to Wear: Black & White Outfits

This time we are going to talk about black and white outfits. In this compilation are gathered stunning casual street style ideas, grunge, sporty, Tomboy, fancy night-out, as well as rock chic looks. I know, black and white might sound very simple to you, but in real life result looks really awesome. If you want to stand out from the crowd this year, then you better keep an eye on these fun and easy to style outfit ideas.

That’s what I call athleisure! We see white shortened tee paired with black skinny jeggings completed with zipper details. Complete this look by adding mirrored aviator sunglasses, lace-up slip-ons and slouchy black leather handbag.

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Black & White Outfit Ideas For Work

Hello fashiontasty readers! Today’s post is all about black and white outfit ideas to wear this year. I am here to offer you stunning ideas that will underline your professionalism and individuality. I’ve collected 17 fashionable office outfit ideas. You are about to see black and white looks consisting of basic black blouse and white pants combos, as well as black suits worn with white tops, etc.

We see black collarless knitted shirt teamed with white slim trousers. Compliment this pairing with white handbag and statement black sunglasses.

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Work Wardrobe Essentials – Office Style Basics

I think it’s time to talk about office outfits. I want to draw your attention to work wardrobe essentials. In this compilation we are going to see awesome office style basics that will underline your individuality and uniqueness. All the showcased outfits look business appropriate! These work wardrobe basics are ideal for everyday wear.

We see a pretty basic school girl look that will ideally suit work hours. A dark blue cardigan is worn with ruffled cream white blouse, flared dark blue skirt, over-the-knee black socks completed with classic black pumps.

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All White Office Outfit Ideas

If you do like monochromatic work outfits the same as me, then you better give a try to all white office outfit ideas. In today’s post I want you to have a look through my favorite work outfits that will easily make you look professional and feminine. There is no secret in wearing fully white outfits, all you need is to find a perfect balance and create a ladylike silhouette. Forget about black clothes, it’s time to replace them with something fresh, trendy and fancy. Why do I like head to toe white office outfits? It looks clean, confident, professional bright and sexy. By the way, you can always add contrast, by wearing a silver belt, eye-catching jewelry, fancy nails, etc. If you don’t know how to nail this look, then I am here to show you best ways how to create an all white office style. Read on to find out more.

We see a V-neckline office white jumpsuit styled with a structured military style white coat leather backpack, classy heeled sandals and black oversized sunglasses.

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