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How To Wear Print On Print – Mixed Patterns Outfits

Today we gonna talk about risky trend. I am not talking about sexy cut-outs or mini skirts. I am here to show you best ways how to wear print on print. You gonna be wowed to see mixed pattern outfits that will drive crazy everyone around. Believe me, after seeing these awesome outfit ideas you will master the art of mixing prints and the potential outfit options will wildly increase. Practice is all you need, my dear fashion readers. Below are showcased ultimate tips and tricks on how to mix patterns in fashion.

Two ladies appear in stunning outfits. The one is clad in abstract geometric print T-shirt tucked in abstract print skirt and the other lady is wearing a short-sleeve parrot print shirt tucked in abstract geometric print midi skirt.

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Printed Scarves Outfit Ideas For Women

If you think your outfit looks dull and simple, then I guess it’s time to add something fresh and printed. Am I right? In today’s post I want to share with you printed scarves outfit ideas for women that you can use in real life. All these ideas are great for cold season days that will serve you well against early morning chill. No matter how you gonna wear these chic neck accessories, they are here to save you from cold weather and winds. Believe me, scarves can be fun! You can freshen up so many looks thanks to these beautiful additions. When it comes to patterns choice, dare to be different! Trust me, this beautiful accessory gonna change the whole look! Anyway, I’ve put together stunning outfit ideas completed with various brightly printed scarves. Scroll down to find your favorites.

Welcome to SAFARI! We see a young lady clad in a khaki green cargo jacket, denim shorts, pale yellow gumboots. The outfit is completed thanks to wide-brim hat, aviator sunglasses and leopard print wrap scarf.

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20 Ways To Style A Printed Shirt

I think you all familiar with classic shirts, right? This year stylists advice us to try on printed shirts. I am going to share with you 20 awesome ways how to style this top in real life. If you are looking for something bold, fresh and fun, then you better give a try to this trendy garment. This trend is still alive and well. You are more than flexible in terms of what type of print you can wear. Look for bolder ones, like florals, tie-dyes, feathers, pineapples, dots ad animal snouts. You are free to create casual or dressy looks, all you need is to use a bit of your imagination. You can throw it on with jeans, trousers and skirts. By the way, these shirts are the easiest clothing items to wear over and over again. Personally, I love wearing them with frayed or ripped jeans completed with sneakers. But there are thousands of awesome ways how to dress it up. Yes, you can add blazers or even suits. Just make sure the shirt complements your entire dressy outfit. Well, all you have to do is to give it a try.

We see an abstract print shirt with wolf snout. Try on this top under winter white coat with black leather sleeves. Complete this outfit by adding black leather skinnies and buckled biker boots.

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Printed Skirts Designs And Outfit Ideas

In love with prints? Look chic and trendy with these printed skirts designs that will freshen up your everyday outfits. The following street style collection features stunning skirts in various lengths and fits paired with chambray shirts, sexy blouses, printed shirts, crop tops and lightweight sweaters in solid neutral colors, as well as in bright hues. Trust me, most of these printed skirts will carry the whole look, all you need is to create a perfect combo. Remember that the print will speak for itself, that’s why you better keep the rest of your outfit neutral colored. It’s funny, I know many ladies who avoid wearing printed skirts, as they afraid to look weird and funny. Luckily for them, I gathered stunning skirt designs that go with completely everything.

We see a marvelous casual outfit that consists of a white printed T-shirt tucked in belted high-waisted leopard print maxi skirt.

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How To Wear Printed Maxi Skirts

Forget about solid color maxi skirts! This year is all about making a real statement with a printed maxi. No matter what is the occasion or weather, you can always find a stunning maxi skirt. This beautiful piece of clothing can be worn to any occasion, starting from work to music festivals and beach parties. If you want to look creative and unusual, then you better give a try to one of these beautiful creations. There are a variety of ways to style your printed bottom piece, all you need is to use a bit of your imagination and balance out the volume of the skirt, by pairing it with structured tops. Scroll down to see my favorite styling tips and ideas.

Peasant print maxi high-waisted full skirt is teamed with black off-shoulder crop-top.

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How To Wear Printed Skirts This Winter

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t wear printed skirts. We can still look great in these bright bottoms, all we need is to add cozy scarf, warm outerwear and create perfect layers. Trust me, once you know how to create elegant layered looks, there will be no problem to face cold months. A printed skirt is an ideal way to freshen up wintry days. Of course, the most important part is the balance that makes our outfits look great. Keep your top elegant and basic to allow your skirt to be in center of attention. Scroll through these street style images to see my favorite Winter outfit ideas with printed skirts.

We see abstract print asymmetric midi skirt worn with a black high-neck turtleneck, dark blue tailored long coat and glossy platform block heeled boots.

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Printed Mini Skirt Outfit Ideas

I know many ladies who want to look sexy and eye-catchy. Wearing a printed mini skirt can make this outcome, all you need is to style it right way. Today’s article features my favorite outfit ideas with printed mini skirts. The main idea of wearing this sexy garment is to feel comfortable and look fancy, not vulgar or perverse. I think minis are like bras, so you better think twice before you dress it up. If you want to wear miniskirt without feeling yourself naked, then you better take a look through this street style collection of ladies wearing printed minis in their everyday lives.

Mini tartan flared skirt will definitely match your favorite grey pullover in white polka dots. Complete this look by adding ankle-boots in black leather and stylish parka.

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Outfit Ideas With Printed Midi Skirts

At first glance, printed midi skirt might look complicated to style, but once you take a close-up look, everything changes. Believe me, this bottom garment is very easy to wear. Personally, I am obsessed with midi skirts at the moment, I’ve got three designs in my closet. The first one comes in a solid blue color, A-line silhouette, the other one is black with sheer panels and third style is printed in geometric pattern. In today’s street style collection I decided to share with you my favorite outfit ideas on how to style printed midis. I am pretty sure, there will be no problem for you to get inspired by these looks. Below are picked my favorite printed midis to try on next week. This eye-catching design will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Scroll down to find out more.

A blush sleeveless top is a great way to keep things matchy and ladylike. Try it on with striped blush-white midi skirt. Complete this look by adding mirrored rounded sunglasses and light pink tote bag.

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Printed Midi Skirts Outfit Combinations

I love midi skirts for one simple thing, they work for every season. Anyway, in today’s blog post we will see stunning printed midi skirts outfit combinations that work for various occasions and weather. This style comes with a functional hemline that ideally suits office ladies, as well as old women and librarians. In this street style compilation is gathered gorgeous selection of printed midi skirts that will easily give your wardrobe a boost. You are about to see all kinds of styles, including the ones inspired by hippies, 1960’s, 1970’s decades. I am 100% sure, there will be no problem for you to create a beautifully put-together look by choosing one of these bottoms.

Cream white day shirt is tucked in high-waisted A-line pleated skirt in palm print. Complete this outfit by adding mirrored rounded sunglasses, pointed-toe white pumps and blush tote bag.

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Style Ideas About Printed Skirts

We all want to look bright and eye-catching, am I right? I guess so! In today’s blog post I’ve inspiring and easy ways for you to wear printed skirts. Be sure to try at least one of these outfit ideas next week. Believe me, printed skirt will easily prep up your wardrobe. Why do I like these bottoms so much? They are ideal transitional pieces that ideally work with all kinds of tops, jackets and shoes. Keep the rest of your outfit crisp and clean. Keep it bold and glamour by playing with cool textures, fun colors, prints and cuts. Let your skirt be the center of attention. All in all, every one needs a visual. That’s why I have this stunning street style collection for your one and only inspiration. Don’ forget to tell me which one is your favorite. Let me know in the comments below!

We see a maxi white skirt in black and red palm trees worn with white sleeveless blouse and quilted shoulder clutch bag.

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