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How To Wear A Poncho Or Cape This Season

Which do you like the most, ponchos or capes? A cape is a sleeveless long outer garment that covers only the back half, whilst ponchos are long piece outerwear pieces that are loose-fitted and cover your torso from the back to the front side. In today’s fashion world, these two outer garments are made of exclusive materials and completed in luxe details. Personally, I think these two are impractical (wearing a bag can be a challenge) toppers that look quite medieval to me, but it’s only my personal opinion.

The following gray-white fringed cape looks boho inspired and easy to style. Try it on with black turtleneck, blue skinnies tucked in gray suede over-the-knee boots completed with gray leather handbag.

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How To Wear A Poncho

This cold season’s must-try trend is definitely the poncho. I am here to share with you best ways how to wear it in real life and make you feel and look like a real celebrity or fashionista. The modern poncho has much more of a blanket look, but I found different designs you can wear from Mondays to Sundays. Personally, it reminds me of the cape, but it’s way easier to wear. In this street style collection are gathered printed styles, as well as solid color must-haves. Indeed, here are seen designs in rich colors, made of luxurious fabrics and cuts. Stylists advice us to play with layering and proportions, so you better use one of these ponchos to create a perfectly layered outfit. All you need is to modernize the rest of your look. If you want to boost your wardrobe’s drama, look no further than a stylish poncho! Enjoy this beautiful street style collection.

We see a beautiful monochrome outfit that consists of a ribbed knit gray poncho styled with light gray skirt, white socks tucked in brown leather lace-up ankle-boots.

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Poncho Outfit Ideas

This time we are going to speak about ponchos outfit ideas. This pretty outerwear piece is an extremely comfortable and warm clothing staple that looks both stylish and trendy. The following street style collection features my favorite outfit ideas completed with all kinds of ponchos, including the solid color ones, embroidered designs, as well as the ones completed with all kinds of prints. It’s funny, every time I see lady clad in a poncho, I think to myself: “damn, I really need a poncho!,” but then I forget about it, until I meet another girl in a poncho.

Go for a fun plaid poncho with a belt. Try it on with black leggings and brown suede lace-up ankle-boots.

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