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What Color Shoes Go With Pink Dresses

Today’s blog post is about pink dresses and how to wear them with different color shoes. Many women avoid wearing pink dresses, all because of stupid stereotypes! Lots of ladies associate themselves as a little girl, who pulled on a sweet pink dress to a Kindergarten party. I personally imagine myself as a blue-eyed blond girl wearing fuchsia. Pink dresses will easily make you stand-out, that’s why you should definitely have at least one frock in your closet. But we are here to understand how to combine such dress with the right pair of shoes. I’ve got some ideas to share with you. If you do want to look classy without stepping out of your comfort zone, then try on black pumps. If you want to feel comfortable, go for pink shoes. Metallic hue footwear will draw more attention. Skin tone nude heels can elongate your legs and be an ideal finishing touch. Remember, your choice of shoe can make the outfit sweet and modern.

What Color Shoes Go With Pink Dresses 2022

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1. A simple blush dress with spaghetti straps looks simple and relaxed. Pair it with rounded blush sunglasses and white strappy flat sandals.

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White Tie Neck Blouses: How To Wear Them In 14 Different Ways

It’s time to stand out, as I am here to show you 14 different ways how to style white tie-neck blouses. The tied bow at the neckline which drapes down the front side makes you look playful and elegant, as well as lets you style it in many awesome ways. In other words saying, the bow-tie makes you stand-alone, without adding any additional accessories. Indeed, a pussy bow adorning the neck makes its wearer look sweet, dressy and 1970’s inspired. Looks like the seventies have a second wind, as you can either go with a more feminine look underlining your romanticism, boho style or keep it ’70’s inspired. Why white blouse? I have chosen this color because it can be worn in multiple ways and to different places.

White Tie Neck Blouses: How To Wear Them In 14 Different Ways 2022

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1. White blouse with black tie neck looks 1960’s inspired. Pair it with a black blazer and gingham print skirt. Tasseled black leather loafers can be a perfect addition to this black and white look.

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12 Ways To Wear Off Shoulder Dresses

If you want to underline the beauty of your shoulders, then you definitely should try on an off-the-shoulder dress. This beautiful garment makes its wearer feel very special, all because of a flirty look. You don’t need to wear any extra accessory, jewelry, or anything else, this dress makes a statement on its own. If you do want to try this frock, then you should take a look at the following inspiring outfit ideas that are both simple and universal. Let one of these styles be your OOTD next week.

12 Ways To Wear Off Shoulder Dresses 2022

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1. A simple light gray off-the-shoulder dress with a knitted top can be a perfect design to underline your uniqueness. Add red pumps and a red clutch. These accessories gonna make you look fancier and individual.

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What Goes With Pastel Blazers

Today’s article is dedicated to pastel color blazers and ways to wear them this year. Everyone loves pastel colors and it’s no wonder why, they are sweet, gentle and ladylike, but you should pay attention combining them with your clothes. One misstep and you can end up looking like a little child. I do recommend to take a look at these outfit ideas and see the best ways how to wear pastel blazers. Once you buy a stylish pastel color blazer, you can wear it with light neutral colors, or pastel shades. Keep in mind, bright colors can disharmonize your blazer. The following collection includes different ways how to make pastel blazer look great with your everyday clothes.

What Goes With Pastel Blazers 2022

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1. Turquoise blazer matches this high-neck white sleeveless blouse tucked in printed pastel shorts. Add pastel violet strappy heeled sandals and cream blush handbag.

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How To Wear Blouses With Jeans

In today’s article, we are going to talk about wearing blouses with jeans. A blouse can be called an everyday wardrobe essential. You can easily pair it with dresses, shorts, classic trousers and jeans. Blouse and Jeans tandem deserve a particular attention. There are thousands and more blouses styles and most of them look great with jeans. A classic blouse allows you to create an elegant conservatism, where a simple and clear silhouette is always in trend. I personally, love to combine white blouses with classic blue jeans, the result looks sweet, elegant and gentle. But you can try on beige, pastel hue or classic bright color. If you are into something bold, then you can go for printed styles. Choose lightweight materials for your blouse, like chiffon, silk or satin. This top will remove all shortcomings and emphasize all your best assets. The following outfit ideas are great for women who want to underline their femininity, as well as keep things simple. Take a close-up look and find your favorite combinations.

How To Wear Blouses With Jeans 2022

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1. Short-sleeve cream beige blouse ideally suits double denim look consisting of light blue slim jeans and short-sleeve denim jacket. Add metallic loafers, beige fedora hat and oversized sunglasses that are so must-have for oval face shapes.

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19 Ways To Wear Bodysuit With Shorts: Best Looks To Try Now

This article shows you 19 awesome ways how to wear bodysuit with shorts. This garment is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe this year, that’s why you can find it everywhere on the streets. Not so long time ago, bodysuit was considered to be an underwear that shouldn’t be shown in public. Nowadays the style rules have changed and girls feel more relaxed. It looks very intrigue and special. If you decided to try bodysuit with shorts, then you can try a classic sleeveless tank bodysuit, long-sleeve version, a turtleneck style, the one made of chiffon, strapless or a knitted design. All these bodysuits can be ideally combined with different shorts. If you do want to wear such combination during the daytime, then I recommend to choose ultra-short bottoms and pair them with a sexy wide-neck bodysuit. Go for a bold and seductive look during the evening.

19 Ways To Wear Bodysuit With Shorts: Best Looks To Try Now 2022

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1. White tank bodysuit looks casual tucked in beige shorts. Complete this daywear outfit by adding cream-white tote bag and white ankle-strap flat sandals.

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The Dos & Don’ts of Wearing Red Dresses

In this article, we are going to see do’s of wearing a red dress in real life. You are about to find out what color shoes to wear with a red dress, what jewelry and accessories you can add to this beautiful garment. If you do want to wear such dress to parties and various social events, you need a self-confidence and proper understanding for what reason you are going to wear it. Be aware, this color will immediately make you the center of everyone’s attention, but you do need to know the right balance. It’s very important to choose a proper shade of red color. If you are going to attend a daytime event, I recommend choosing a bright color design and a darker shade for evening. Women with lighter skin color look great in dark red dresses, while darker skin ladies look awesome in bright red-orange designs. Speaking of colors match, I recommend to choose red on red, add black or white accents. Speaking of brightness, don’t be afraid to wear red with metallic shoes and jewelry.

The Dos & Don'ts of Wearing Red Dresses 2022

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1. Dark red 1/2 sleeve tailored frock embellished with sequins looks classy and feminine. Add velvet bright red heeled pumps and miniature leather clutch.

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18 Ways To Accessorize Bohemian Dress

A boho style dress is considered to be one of the most popular choices in the world of fashion regardless of what is the season. Today’s article is dedicated to 18 ways how to accessorize such dress. It is no secret, a bohemian dress can be feminine, sophisticated and simple. It’s up to you, how you gonna dress it to impress everyone around! All styles can be characterized by a spacious appearance and a free movement. You can wear such dress with simple sandals, boots, suede ankle boots, or graceful heeled shoes. Your bag is an important part of your ensemble, that’s why you can either add a casual handbag made of real leather and embellished with fringes or underline your charm with a compact clutch.

18 Ways To Accessorize Bohemian Dress 2022

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1. A dark turquoise shift dress with long sleeves completed with ruffles looks sophisticated. Add beige pointed-toe pumps and quilted cream-beige clutch bag.

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How To Style Velvet Dresses

If you do love the luxe texture and you are obsessed with bohemian flair, then you do need to try on a velvet dress. The plush fabric makes you look and feel special, but you can make it work for every day by pairing with trendy silhouettes and casual essentials. The following article includes fancy outfit ideas that can easily underline your femininity and add a dramatic touch to any outfit. If you decided to wear a velvet dress, you should choose only one piece made of such fabric. I do like to see women who make this sophisticated fabric look more casual, by dressing it down with everyday basics, like bomber jackets, sweaters or simply choosing a velvet dress in a relaxed fit. Here are style tips on how to wear it in real life and easily make you stand out from the crowd.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2022

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1. Wear your long sleeve burgundy velvet dress with printed burgundy ankle boots and light brown leather shoulder bag to complete the look.

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What Accessories Go With A White Dress

This post is about white dresses and what accessories you can wear with it. Looking for a pure white frock to wear it anywhere you go, starting from the beach to special parties. If so, then you are kindly welcomed to see best outfit ideas featuring a white dress. White frock does look awesome with pastel hues, bright orange, silver, and red. A white dress with black accessories is always a win-win look! This combination ideally complements woman’s style making her look sophisticated and elegant. White on white is also a good alternative, the result looks sweet and fresh. in other words saying, this frock can be an ideal match for a romantic evening, festive brunches, and special cocktail parties. Take a look at my favorite combinations that are easy to copy this year.

What Accessories Go With A White Dress 2022

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1. Go for this classic look: a white lace sleeveless V-neck dress can be covered with blush cardigan and complimented with blush platform heeled sandals.

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