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Business Pant Suits For Women

If you do want to look professional at work, then you do need a pantsuit. Success in business largely depends on the way how people look, that’s why wearing tidy and formal outfit can give you lots of opportunities for career growth. No matter what is the style of your suit, you need to choose the right top. It can be either a classic blouse or shirt in a neutral hue, slim-fit knitwear, or a simple T-shirt. To create a finished look you will need to add a belt. Choose a classic color belt with a regular width or a skinny one. Never wear belts overloaded with shiny elements or ringing metallic addition. Complete your suit with classic footwear, like heeled pumps or flat shoes. If you are still uncertain about how to dress appropriately for work, take a close-up look at these outfit ideas.

1. Wear a black suit with white outlines. Add black clutch and white pointed-toe flats for a cool contrast.

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Women After 40 Looks To Copy: Shirts And Tops

If you want to look great everywhere you go, then you will need versatile clothing. In today’s article I want to share with you my favorite tops and shirts that can be worn by women over 40. I am talking about casual, dressy, hipster, business and classic tops that can be easily combined with trousers, denim and skirts. Every single outfit shown in this collection will underline your femininity and uniqueness.

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30 Casual Ways To Style Tops

I am here to show you 30 casual ways to style tops this year. Let the perfect blend of style meet comfort and relaxed vibe. Let the casual style be a very special part of your life. The following collection features amazing outfit ideas you can recreate next week by wearing it on the streets, country weekends, home parties and all kinds of other events.

A simple cream-white top is worn under micro black-white checkered sweater and tucked in dark blue sailor inspired wide-leg pants with golden buttons.

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Evening Tops And Cocktail Shirts

If you are sick of cocktail dresses and you want to try on something original and easy to wear, then I recommend to take a look through these evening shirts. This season comes with beautiful designs completed with sheer-mesh panels, various embroideries, pastel and neutral colors. The following styles are ideal for those ladies who want to dress to impress. I gathered strong, structured designs completed with feminine details and touches. You gonna see a huge range of chic shirts and beautiful blouses for every taste and occasion.

How about wearing a classic light blue shirt by keeping it off-shoulder and creating a knot. Complete this look by adding bright orange A-line skirt and striped espadrille sandals.

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Casual White Shirts And Tees For Women

There is one wardrobe staple that never goes out of style and its name is white shirt. In this blog post I gathered casual white shirts and tees for women who want to stand out from the crowd. Today’s fashion offers all kinds of white tops, including fitted, loose, flowy and button-downs. Each one of these styles is functional and easy to wear. It goes with absolutely anything, starting from jeans and shorts to overalls and skirts. White T-shirt can easily anchor statement pieces, like printed shorts or bright color trousers.

We see a cute white T-shirt tucked in pleated beige high-waisted short skirt. Complete this outfit by adding Clubmaster sunglasses and thong rope strappy flat sandals.

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20 Ways To Style Women’s Casual Shirts

It’s time to blow a fresh breath of life into your casual shirts to make them look awesome wherever you go. In this street style collection I gathered 20 ways stunning ways how to style women’s casual shirts in real life. Trust me, each one of these styles can work as part of your outfit, all you need is to choose your favorite design and match it with beautiful bottoms. You can try on a printed style and pair it with form-fitting pants or skirt. If you are not into vibrant patterns, then you might like to try on neutral solid color shirt in pastel hues or classic black, white or blue.

Khaki green knotted shirt is worn underneath light khaki olive jacket paired with multi-striped pencil skirt and peep-toe suede khaki-green pumps.

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25 Fashion Tips On How To Wear A Denim Shirt

If there is one worthy garmentt you should invest in, then it’s a denim shirt. In today’s post I want you to see 25 fashion tips on how to wear it this year. It’s fair to say that denim shirt is one of those classic pieces you must own. If you still don’t have one in your closet yet, then it’s a perfect time to buy one. Why? This top will make you look very special and sophisticated. Personally, I like this shirt for its versatility and comfort. This timeless piece will never go out of style. If you wondering about what is good to wear with a denim shirt, then I’ve got some really awesome ideas for you to get inspired by. I am pretty sure you gonna use some of these ideas to implement in your everyday life.

Use it as an outerwear piece. Try it on over gray T-shirt.

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20 Ways To Style A Striped Shirt

It’s time to recall striped shirts. In today’s article I want you to have a close up look at my favorite 20 ways how to style a striped shirt. This staple will never go out of style, I am serious! You all probably think of this print as something neutral, but it does looks cool enough with denim, khaki, leather and other patterns, all you need is to balance your outfit. There are endless possibilities with this wardrobe garment. You gonna see fabulous black and white striped designs in T-shirt, boatneck, scoop-neck and long-sleeve silhouettes. Every lady needs options to choose from. Trust me, you can not have too many striped shirts. This top is surprisingly easy to dress up. It can be paired with a variety of clothes. You can wear it with sexy skirts and strappy sandals, cut-off shorts, pencil skirts, etc. I’ve rounded up 20 ways to wear striped shirts, so what are you waiting for? Grab all your favorites now!

A striped blue shirt is an ideal choice for wearing to work. Try it on under mohair light blue V-neck sweater and tuck it inside quilted down blue long skirt. Complete this look by adding cute light blue socks and white-blue striped pointed-toe pumps.

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