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20 Ways To Style A Printed Shirt

I think you all familiar with classic shirts, right? This year stylists advice us to try on printed shirts. I am going to share with you 20 awesome ways how to style this top in real life. If you are looking for something bold, fresh and fun, then you better give a try to this trendy garment. This trend is still alive and well. You are more than flexible in terms of what type of print you can wear. Look for bolder ones, like florals, tie-dyes, feathers, pineapples, dots ad animal snouts. You are free to create casual or dressy looks, all you need is to use a bit of your imagination. You can throw it on with jeans, trousers and skirts. By the way, these shirts are the easiest clothing items to wear over and over again. Personally, I love wearing them with frayed or ripped jeans completed with sneakers. But there are thousands of awesome ways how to dress it up. Yes, you can add blazers or even suits. Just make sure the shirt complements your entire dressy outfit. Well, all you have to do is to give it a try.

20 Ways To Style A Printed Shirt 2022

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We see an abstract print shirt with wolf snout. Try on this top under winter white coat with black leather sleeves. Complete this outfit by adding black leather skinnies and buckled biker boots.

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25 Ways To Wear White Shirts (Outfit Ideas)

There is one basic top that is an ultimate wardrobe classic essential and its name is white shirt. This is a timeless and universally flattering garment that looks both great on ladies and men. In today’s blog post I am going to show you my favorite 25 ways how to wear white button-up shirt in real life. This is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in many fresh ways. Trust me, there are myriad ways how to make this beautiful top look awesome on you. You can wear it under tank dress or LBD. If it’s cold outside, then you can layer it under a pretty sweater. No matter how you gonna style it, the end result always looks polished and classy. Don’t believe me? Read on for fresh ways to make this white button-down shirt your favorite clothing staple.

25 Ways To Wear White Shirts (Outfit Ideas) 2022

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We see a tweed white blazer draped over white shirt tucked in palm print black-white ankle length trousers.

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Chambray Shirts Outfit Ideas

Hello Dear fashion lovers! I decided to create this awesome collection of chambray shirts outfit ideas that will make you look fancy and smart-casual. This simple shirt can be styled in so many ways. Trust me, this beautiful shirt fits really great and can be worn with so many interesting garments. Personally, I think every lady needs at least one chambray shirt in her closet. No, this is not a must-have piece, but it can truly make your outfits look fresh. You just can’t go wrong with a chambray shirt. If you don’t know how to rock it, then you better check out this stunning street style collection. See a great selection of cool ideas on how to wear your favorite chambray shirt in real life.

Chambray Shirts Outfit Ideas 2022

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If you don’t want to look casual, then I recommend to try on chambray shirt with white blazer and gold sequined shorts.

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How To Wear Plaid Shirts

Let’s talk about plaid shirts. This basic wardrobe piece comes with an extremely versatile design. This beautiful top is ideal for wearing to the office and date nights. You can see it on retro images, as well as on grunge lovers. Yes, you can wear it with pretty much everything, starting from short, midi and maxi skirts to skinny and boyfriend’s jeans. The versatility of this top makes me crazy! You can style it in so many ways, starting from buttoning it up, tied around the waist or keeping things casual and relaxed over white tank top. Personally, I love rocking flannel shirts atop slip dresses. I can wear it all year round in a million different ways. Trust me, you wont regret wearing these beautiful shirts, all you need is to choose the right size and length. Scroll down to see style tips and ideas on how to wear checkered shirts this year.

How To Wear Plaid Shirts 2022

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This beautiful plaid button-down shirt is tucked in shiny dark blue shortened slim pants. Complete this look by adding bright blue pumps and bright orange shoulder bag.

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How To Make Layered Looks With Shirts

In today’s article I gathered my favorite layered looks with shirts. I think layering is an awesome way to make our outfits more interesting and fresh. There are thousands ways to layer classic button-downs. You can try them under sweaters, bustier tops, dresses, crop-tops, etc. Trust me, this combo really works. Personally, I think knits and shirts is the most affordable and easiest way to nail layering trend. Of course, you should style it carefully, otherwise you risk to look bulky and big. If you want to go harder, then I recommend to pair your classic shirt with a basic dress. This layered outfit will underline your creativity. By the way, shirt and dress combo works for almost every occasion. I never thought that a basic shirt can be a perfect piece for creating layered looks. Sure, you have to practice and get some additional inspiration to learn how to layer your clothes like a pro.

How To Make Layered Looks With Shirts 2022

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Go for an elongated white shirt and layer it with an off-shoulder charcoal wool sweater. Complete this look by adding suede black boots and structured black clutch.

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Women’s Shirts For Work And Office Outfit Ideas

Today I’ve great new for you. I decided to gather some cool outfit ideas for working ladies. You are about to see great ways how to wear shirts to the office. This piece can easily add a fresh flair to your everyday work looks. Trust me, your office wardrobe doesn’t necessarily have to be all-business, you can create layered and smart-casual outfits, all you need is to use just a bit of your imagination. A simple office shirt can easily impress everyone around, just keep your look fresh. I looked through thousands of blogs to find outfit ideas you can copy now.

Women's Shirts For Work And Office Outfit Ideas 2022

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We see a pretty button-down shirt in blue color worn under tartan sleeveless office dress completed with brown leather loafers.

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Cute & Sexy Tops for Women

Ready for HOTNESS! There are lots of sexy and cute tops that look really hot on women, regardless of their shapes, ages and skin color. In this street style collection I gathered my favorite styles that will easily draw everyone’s attention to you. If you want to look both sexy and dressy, then you better create a balanced style. Think of mixing up styles, fits and shapes.

Cute & Sexy Tops for Women 2022

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How about keeping it all in black? We see a beautiful outfit that consists of a high-neck black blouse with a sheer V-neck and long sleeves tucked in black leather culottes. Complete this sophisticated look by adding golden heeled sandals.

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How To Wear A Button Down Top

Hello girls! I am here to share with you an awesome collection of my favorite ways how to wear a button down top on the streets this year. Trends come and go, but the button-down top will never go out of style. Why? It’s extremely versatile. You can dress it up or down. Believe me, a simple button-down top will ideally work with all your preppy, polished, casual or formal essentials, including your favorite jeans, sporty sneakers, voluminous or mini skirts, etc. It’s official,this is a fashion must-have component of your closet. As you can see from the images below, there is more than one way to wear a basic button-down. Frankly speaking, it can be worn in a million different ways. It’s time to breathe new life into your basic garments. Keep on scrolling to find all the best ways you can style this top.

How To Wear A Button Down Top 2022

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A simple white button-down top is tucked in mid-rise blue washed flared short jeans completed with leopard print pumps.

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How To Wear A Button Down Shirt

If you want to try on something classic that can be modernized in many great ways, then you should give a try to a classic button-down shirt. This classic piece can be worn in different ways, all you need is to know how to style it. Personally, I consider this top to look more professional and polished than casual, but you can create numerous cool outfits by adding this simple button-down. The tailored shape of a classic shirt will definitely make you look streamlined and refined.

How To Wear A Button Down Shirt 2022

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Knotted white shirt is styled with black shorts and lace-up slip-ons. The outfit looks simple, but oh-so-chic. That’s a perfect look for Summer vacations and weekend trips.

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