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31 Pair Of Shoes To Wear With Boyfriend Jeans

Today’s story is dedicated to my favorite boyfriend jeans. There are lots of ways how to make them look special, but I want to show you 31 pair of shoes you can pair with this denim staple. In this collection are shown simple, but incredibly cool outfit ideas that are easy to recreate in real life. Take a close-up look at these outfits and tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

A kind of boho hipster-inspired look is shown in this picture. The relaxed touch is given thanks to camel draped coat. Anyway, we see leopard print pointed-toe lace-up pumps paired with classic boyfriend jeans.

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What Color Shoes Go With Pink Dresses

Today’s blog post is about pink dresses and how to wear them with different color shoes. Many women avoid wearing pink dresses, all because of stupid stereotypes! Lots of ladies associate themselves as a little girl, who pulled on a sweet pink dress to a Kindergarten party. I personally imagine myself as a blue-eyed blond girl wearing fuchsia. Pink dresses will easily make you stand-out, that’s why you should definitely have at least one frock in your closet. But we are here to understand how to combine such dress with the right pair of shoes. I’ve got some ideas to share with you. If you do want to look classy without stepping out of your comfort zone, then try on black pumps. If you want to feel comfortable, go for pink shoes. Metallic hue footwear will draw more attention. Skin tone nude heels can elongate your legs and be an ideal finishing touch. Remember, your choice of shoe can make the outfit sweet and modern.

1. A simple blush dress with spaghetti straps looks simple and relaxed. Pair it with rounded blush sunglasses and white strappy flat sandals.

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What Color Shoes To Wear With Black Party Dress

Every woman wants to look unique, no matter where she goes. A black dress is considered to be a win-win choice. In this article, I want to show you best shoes you can wear with a cocktail black dress. Of course, it all depends on what is the style and length of your frock. If you are going to wear a long evening dress, then you definitely should add high-heeled black boat shoes or metallic heels. If you have chosen a sweet-looking LBD, then you are free to experiment, just make sure everything is balanced. You can keep it simple with classic heels in dark neutral color, or make a wow effect with party pumps in a bright print. Don’t be afraid to add fabulous flats, as they are perfect for long walks! Frankly speaking, black frock looks fabulous with many shoes! Indeed, there are so many options to choose from!

1. Keep things simple by wearing a short-sleeve black dress embellished with gold buttons complimented with classy heeled black glossy pumps and miniature black leather clutch. This look can work almost anywhere!

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What To Wear With Lace-Up Boots

I’ve got awesome style recipes for you tonight. In today’s blog post I want to show you my favorite ideas what to wear with lace-up boots. They are one of the biggest cold weather footwear trends you can wear this year. When I say lace-up boots, I mean wedges, ankle styles, military boots, platform heeled, moccasin booties that look boho inspired and many more. In other words saying, you can find numerous interesting designs that can be worn with basically anything. I know ladies who are afraid of wearing this footwear, as they are confused on how to style them right. Believe me, there are so many cute outfit ideas you can copy next week, all you need is a great style recipe. Scroll down to see my favorite looks.

We see burgundy lace-up combat boots worn with patterned black tights, floral skirt and salmon pink shirt worn under cream-white ribbed knit sweater.

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30 Ways To Wear Short Boots This Fall

Fall is an ideal season to start wearing boots. In today’s article we are about to see 30 ways how to wear short boots this Autumn season. There are thousands of gorgeous designs you can choose from, but it’s very hard to figure out how to wear and style them. I decided to share with you my favorite street style images where ladies appear in awesome Fall season outfits completed with all kinds of boots. These boots ideally work for casual, dressy and professional outfits. As you can see, outfit possibilities are endless. Scroll down to see different ways to style your favorite boots. Get inspired to bring out your favorite pair!

We see statement black leather slouchy shortened boots worn with black leathr slim pants, white shirt and black leather jacket.

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25 Fashion Tips For Looking Fabulous In Tall Boots

This cold season I recommend you to try on a pair of fabulous tall boots. This gorgeous footwear will make you look sexy, chic and modern. I decided to share with you 25 fashion tips for looking fabulous in tall boots. I gathered all kinds of designs in a variety of heights that will rock your look. The knee-high boots and the above-the-knee versions are easy enough to wear, all you need is to find the ones that match your style. Scroll down to see my favorite outfit ideas and let me know your thought s in the comments below.

We see a lovely cream-white turtleneck poncho atop white long-sleeve top in black stripes teamed with black leggings tucked in cream-white long socks worn with brown leather high boots.

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15 Best Fall Boot Trends And How To Wear Them

Hello my dear fashion addicted ladies! I am here to show you my favorite 15 boot trends to follow this year. You are about to see stunning designs and best ways how to wear them during cold season. I am 100% sure, you gonna want, love and need them this Fall and Winter months.

How about wearing peep-toe ankle-boots in black leather? Try them on with black skinnies and cream-white sweater.

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What To Wear With Heels

If you are a shoe-loving woman, then you definitely know things about heels. In today’s article I want to share with you fabulous designs of sky-high heels you can try this year by pairing them with all your favorite everyday basics and evening essentials. Personally, I don’t know any other footwear style that would be an absolute substitute to heels. Believe me, when you wear heeled shoes, you automatically look good and you feel good too! Anyway, I am here to show you awesome outfit ideas you can complete with your favorite heels. The best tip to follow is to wear heels with something unexpected. Trust me, that’s what will get you head turns. There is no need to make your outfit look effortless. Why? Heels will do this work. Scroll down to see my favorite looks to try this year.

Here we see a cute outfit that consists of a white sweater, gray scarf, olive-gray handbag and white pointed-toe pumps.

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Outfit Ideas And Statement Shoes For Women

Let’s be honest, all women are shoeaholics! No matter how many shoes you have in your closet, you will always find new ones that will ideally fit your new dress! Trust me, there is nothing wrong about it. Of course, you need to know what to wear and how to make it look awesome on you. In this post I want to bring you a stunning collection of outfit ideas completed with statement shoes. Think of colorful, textures, printed, color-blocking, sexy heeled and caged designs. Each one of these footwear designs will drive you crazy! Yes, it’s a chic investment that underlines wearer’s uniqueness and creativity. Personally, I am crazy about everything bright and unique. I do love shoes in neutral, color, etc. So, how to wear statement shoes and look sexy and sophisticated? Find out below and don’t forget to tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Would love to see your own OOTD!

These pastel blue stiletto peep-toe sandals look incredibly chic and sophisticated. Try them on with midi straight fit white skirt and matching color mohair sweater.

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What Black Shoes Styles Are In Trend

Trends come and go, but black footwear will always be in style. This time I want to show you what black shoes styles are in trend this year. I gathered stunning styles every woman should own. Of course, a basic black pump in leather or suede is a must-have for every lady, but I want to show you other designs in black color that can easily pull together any outfit and give you an instant sophistication. No, I am not telling you to buy only black colored shoes, as there are lots of great colors to choose from to stand out from the crowd. But I want to share with you timelessly chic footwear essentials that will definitely match almost any outfit. Scroll down to check out my favorite black shoes to wear from Mondays to Sundays.

Peep-toe block heeled black sandals will surely make you stand out from the crowd. I love the way this footwear is embellished with colored pearls. Try them on with your favorite LBD.

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