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What To Wear With Wide-Brim Hats

I think everyone adores wide brim hats! This beautiful headwear can be paired with boho outfits, minimalist pantsuits, Tomboy, normcore and 1970’s inspired looks. In other words saying, this statement hat is an easiest way to shake up any outfit. Believe me, you can add an extra intrigue to your outfit by wearing one of these creations on your head. In today’s blog post I am going to share with you so many great ideas on what to wear with a wide-brim hat. You might think it’s a joke, but the wider is your hat, the better. In this collection I gathered floppy felt styles, as well as more structured hats.

What To Wear With Wide-Brim Hats 2022

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We see a wide-brim semi-sheer black hat embroidered with feather looks gorgeous. Try it on evening gowns and formal separates.

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