What Accessories Make You Look Rich

Let’s talk about your look. In today’s blog post I want to discuss one simple thing: what things make you look expensive. I mean, what accessories can make women look rich. You are about to see cool eyeglasses trends, eye-catching jewelry, shoes and purses. You don’t have to be a millionaire in order look like one. Thanks to fashion stylists, fashionistas and celebs we know plenty of simple hacks when it comes to keeping your look expensive. Read on to know tips to help you look amazing.

Eyeglasses trends

It’s important to choose the right eyeglasses. This will be your visit card. The specs can either make or break your style, that’s why you should pay attention to the fit, and the way they match your overall style. The eyeglasses can be made of black plastic, this will add the right dose of sophistication, it can be aviators, so you look classy and vintage, Clubmasters will make you look preppy, Tortoise rectangular frames look classy and business inspired, classic black cat-eye frames look awesome, keep it timelessly exclusive with skinny gold rounded frame.


If you know how to style your jewelry, then it will definitely make you look stunning. Clear crystals look better than plastic gemstones. Better go for darker metals and stay away from shiny ones. Too bright jewelry looks low qualitative and cheap. Go for jewelry made of gold vermeil, it won’t leave color residue on your skin. Never buy jewelry made of copper, gold-plated or nickel. Choose designs that have a little bit of weight. When picking a statement necklace, look for geometric chokers, or sculptural pieces with some kind of vintage charm.


It’s important to keep shoes in good shape, clean them and let them shine. The shiny shoes look as if they were just purchased. That’s why it’s important to use things like shoe shine. When it comes to women’s footwear, try to opt for shoes with a classic look and feel. Avoid high heels and platforms. I recommend buying neutral color footwear with a comfortable kitten heel.


When you buy clothes, you want them to look tailored and sleek, the same goes for purses. If you want to make a bag look rich and expensive, then buy the one with nice and clean lines, avoid slouchy design. Avoid putting brands on display, a purse covered in logos is nothing you want to be seen, it will make you look cheap. The bag has to be structured, crisp and clean boxy design is a must. The more structure, the better.

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What Accessories Make You Look Rich 2023

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