Women’s Shirts For Work And Office Outfit Ideas

Today I’ve great new for you. I decided to gather some cool outfit ideas for working ladies. You are about to see great ways how to wear shirts to the office. This piece can easily add a fresh flair to your everyday work looks. Trust me, your office wardrobe doesn’t necessarily have to be all-business, you can create layered and smart-casual outfits, all you need is to use just a bit of your imagination. A simple office shirt can easily impress everyone around, just keep your look fresh. I looked through thousands of blogs to find outfit ideas you can copy now.

We see a pretty button-down shirt in blue color worn under tartan sleeveless office dress completed with brown leather loafers.

Pinstripe button-down shirt is tucked in mid-rise pleated black trousers. You can add camel blazer and pretty flat pumps to finish off this masculine work outfit:

Keep it ladylike with a white shirt tucked in muted pink high-waisted pencil skirt. Love the way cream-beige knitted cardigan is draped over shoulders:

The following crispy white dotted shirt looks refined worn under Houndstooth sweater. Keep it ladylike with a cute knife-pleated knee-length navy skirt and glossy pointed-toe black pumps:

If you do like fresh outfits, I recommend to try on neon yellow button-down and pair it with white-grey blazer and mid-rise blue skinnies:

How about combining a simple shirt with a cute sleeveless LBD:

Those of you who want to feel mannish, I advice to wear pinstripe white shirt tucked in mid-rise white skinnies:

Grey silken short-sleeve shirt looks formal tucked in grey tailored trousers:

Long sleeve mustard-orange shirt is tucked in black-white printed high-rise A-line mini skirt completed with black tights and lace-up black suede ankle-boots:

Miranda Kerr keeps things relaxed and classy. She is wearing a sleeveless white cargo shirt tucked in mid-rise ankle-length slim trousers:

Vertically striped white shirt will definitely make you look awesome. Try it on tucked in mid-rise dark blue trousers. If it’s cold outside, you can add pinstripe dark blue suit-jacket:

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